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Informative Speech Caffeine Essay

Specific Purpose

A specific purpose of the essay is to provide a wide audience with a set of facts and pieces of evidence related to the central nervous system stimulant of caffeine. The purpose of the paper includes discussing the history of this stimulant, its positive and negative influence on the organism of a human, and the consequences of the excessive consumption of this psychoactive substance that is contained in tea, coffee, chocolate, and other products.

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Central Idea

The central idea of the Informative Speech Caffeine Essay is to discuss the caffeine consumption by people, and especially the consumption of tea and coffee, in order to obtain energy and experience a range of side effects on their health.

Thesis Statement

The modern society got used to consuming products that contain caffeine almost every day. Therefore, it is important to discuss that this strong stimulant has significant side effects on a human body, influences the way of how the body processes, and may have some negative side effects on a human organism caused by increased caffeine consumption.


A significant majority of people consume such products as tea, coffee, chocolate bars, energy drinks, and other related products regularly. It is not a selected that some of them drink coffee and tea every day or even several times per day in order to obtain more energy, feel less tired, or focus on work projects and perform more efficiently. However, the point is that all these people consume the mentioned products that contain a strong stimulant of the central nervous system which is also known as caffeine.

Body Paragraphs

It is a well-known fact that caffeine is distinguished as a stimulant which is traditionally obtained from various plants, including their leaves, seeds, and many other parts. It increases attention to details, helps not to fall asleep, and be on alert when it is required. Therefore, people who work hard including drivers, office workers, and others, tend to consume caffeine products like tea and coffee.

It is possible to take for example the average office worker who usually has limited time to meet deadlines. Every day, this person usually starts the morning with a cup of tea or coffee, having almost no time for breakfast. Throughout the day, this office worker drinks several cups of tea or coffee in order to get more energy, and complete tasks fast and efficiently. As a result, this person consumes a considerable amount of caffeine every day, causing a significant influence on the body and health.

Throughout history, people believed in the positive effects of this stimulant. For sure, it is rich for oxidants and can prevent cancer and other diseases, increases concentration, and allows the human body to feel more energy. However, it is also important to remember that overconsumption of caffeine has a range of negative side effects that are serious enough as they are the reason that causes significant harm to human health in general.

The negative side effects of caffeine consumption depend on the amount and frequency of caffeine consumption. Because of the fact that caffeine is a strong stimulator, it increases the heart rate, the frequency of urination, and stimulates the body to produce an increased amount of acids. This is how the body processes are affected gradually. In addition, caffeine increase the levels of dopamine, or, in other words, makes people happy. That is why the consumption of chocolate brings a lot of pleasure and forces people to distinguish products that contain caffeine as tasty. Dopamine makes people addicted to chocolate, coffee, and other related products, forcing them to consume more and more. Thus, dopamine and caffeine are usually bounded together, not allowing the consumers to get rid of their hazardous addiction. What is important, caffeine has the ability to neutralize the hazardous effects of cocaine and other drugs, providing significant help in drug intoxication cases.

If a person has a tendency to spend a lot of time at work and consumes many cups of tea or coffee per day, it is a high time to visit a doctor. Because a lot of individuals consume caffeine products over the norm, their body experiences considerable harm. The stimulator causes headaches, increases nervousness, causes insomnia, and even hallucinations. In some cases, caffeine causes depression, stomach diseases, and chronic insomnia. For sure, caffeine is dangerous and causes such effects only in particular cases; nonetheless, it is necessary to remember about them in order to avoid health problems.  


Throughout history, people tended to think that caffeine is a positive stimulator that increases the level of energy and causes positive changes in how the body processes in general. However, it is important to remember that coffee, tea, and some other products contain this stimulator in different amounts and it is necessary to consume them in a limited number. 

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Informative Speech Caffeine Essay
Specific Purpose A specific purpose of the essay is to provide a wide audience with a set of facts and pieces of evidence related to the central nervous
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Informative Speech Caffeine Essay
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