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    Critical Biography Essay (708 words)

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    J. D. Salinger is an American author who wrote thefamous novel “The Catcher in the Rye. ” It was written in1951, (encyclopedia, Pg.

    60). It ranks as a minorclassic. This story is popular among American highschool and college students. Salinger was born in NewYork City in 1919. His full name is Jarome DavidSalinger.

    Salinger has written several other books inhis life. Salinger wrote some later fiction thatcentered on the Glass Family. These books includedFranny and Zooey, Rise High the Roof Beam, and Carpenterson Seymore. He writes extremely comical books.

    II. SynopsisThe book “The Catcher in the Rye,” was aninteresting novel. It includes a teenage boy namedHolden. Holden just got kicked out of a prep schoolnamed Pensey, because he did not keep his grades up.

    Heknew he was going home that next week. One night a fewdays before he was getting sent home he left the school. He really had no idea where he was going. He couldn’t gohome because he wasn’t sure whether his parents knew hewas kicked out of Pensey or not. First off he goes to ahotel to stay. He had many experiences that night.

    Oneexample was when he had a prostitute in his room at oneminute and was getting beat up the next. Needless to sayhe had some bad experiences that night. He was in searchof self-understanding and the meaning of life. Holden istrying to decide what to do with his life and where togo. He finally goes home to see his sister, with whom hefeels close to.

    He thinks of going west and being adeaf-mute. When he is all packed up to go, he leaves anote with his sister at the school. She meets him andtells him that she is going with him. He tells her no. Then he realizes that the idea of this trip wasunrealistic. He goes home and sees his parents.

    Hisparents enrolled into another school. III Analysis of the ThemeThis story teaches a good lesson on how to deal withsituations in life the right way. In this story Holdenruns from his problems to make them better. I saw allthe trouble that it got him into. First he should havestayed in school or at least gone home to face hisparents after he was kicked out. Holden was in search ofhimself.

    He wanted to see what he could do or be. Hewent about it all the wrong way. He should have appliedhimself at the first school that he went to and preventso many problems. Then he would go further quicker.

    Ilearned not to run from your problems because they willalways catch up with you. IV. CharacterThe main character in this story is Holden. He isa teenage boy that is having a hard time staying inschool. He is not the conceited type or the really shytype.

    He was really confused and had no idea whatdirection his life should follow when he went to PenceyPrep. He had to find out who he was on his littleadventure when he left Pencey. It seemed like everythingdepressed him. He really learns fast. In about two dayshe went from wondering where he was going to get it allback together.

    He realized who and what was important tohim. He is a pretty smart and level headed guy. Helearned quite a bunch on this little adventure. He hada different way of looking at things than most people. Everything is really depressing to him. The mostimportant person in his life is his sister.

    He had afew girlfriends along the way, but he did not know how toget along with them very well. V. ConclusionThis was a really good novel. It is the type ofbook that once you pick it up you cannot put it down. Ithas many good characters in this book.

    The values inthis book are great. It has valuable lessons in it. Itrelates to many teenagers. That is probably why it ispopular among high school and college students.

    I wasreally impressed by and enjoyed this book. I definitelysee why it is on the list. I would recommend this bookto all my friends. This is one of the best books that Ihave read. This has many life lessons in this book thatI can relate to.

    The lessons in this book will reallyhelp me later in life.I really enjoyed The Catcher inthe Rye.

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