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    How to win any woman Essay (699 words)

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    Win over any woman is a rulebook for scoring with woman. And it was definitely written from a male perspective. It teaches men to always work a room in tandems; that is when you and your friend(s) are inseparable or put on a show that you are. Also, Maxix Magazine teaches you to never approach a girls night out, youre just asking to be shot down. The article can help even the most helpless man have a chance to get a woman with all of the helpful tips therein.

    Win over any woman, says that any man can get laid if they use their brains for a change and not just their *censored* when they are at the clubs. Sure we would all like it to be taken to that level, using the *censored* I mean, but when focusing on that to start it is a sure fire way to find yourself by yourself again. Any man who thinks that they need to know more and doesnt want to go out and buy the Kama Sutra or The Joy of Sex, should read this article because it has lots of pictures and its easy to read, for those men who dont want to spend months at a time trying to get some. The article was, by all means was written for men, although women would be very interested in reading it because it would help them pick out the shmucks in the bars and clubs. The article tends towards men because it was written for Maxim Magazine readers who are predominately men. And since Maxim Magazine is the Sex, Sports, Beer, Gadgets, Clothing, Fitness, and Best thing to happen to men since women, If you put two and two together you too would have came up with the fact that it was written for a man.

    The only way that this could be rewritten for women is by taking the entire article and trashing it, then starting brand new and taking everything from a womens perspective, everything from entering the room and looking like the *censored* to pretending youre an international women of mystery. Now if the article is written for women it would need to talk about being prepared to have every single man trying to pick up on you because you look like a sorority chick and all his frat buddies think youre a hottie and would look good on their wall of sexual shame. The new article would need to prepare women that Maxim Magazine wrote an article about picking up women and that they need to watch all the men that they come in contact with because the are probably avid readers. Women beware!!! Men read this *censored* and try it all, dont be fooled if you cant see through it then it is probably to thick to even want to deal with, but if all you want is a little one night nookie then by all means go for it, let the poor fool at least try. As for a heterosexual or homosexual audience who would be most interested? It was definitely as I said before written for men seeking women, but I think if you were a homosexual you could get something out of it just by being creative enough to change the times women is stated to men when it is necessary.

    It would be very simple for this article to take aim at both sexual orientations because it is just a pickup guide, written in one perspective easily transformed into another with imagination. If the author(s) of this article had cared to take the time and read Allgeier & Allgeiers book they would have seen that in Chapter 1 there is a little section on Dating/Mating. The section says that there is a long standing myth that only men come onto women where if you look at it there are also a large number of women that come onto men, so by this rational the article could have been shorter just by telling the men to suck it up and try to do something without the aid of a magazine or written word, try something new, and to take

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