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    How to setup Multilink Essay (606 words)

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    To set up a network connection using multiple modems1.

    Set up a Dial-Up Networking connection using one modem. 2. In the Dial-Up Networking folder, right-click the connection icon and click Properties. 3.

    On the Multilink tab, click Use additional devices, and then click Add. 4. In Edit Extra Device, select the device you want to add to the connection, and then click OK. 5.

    Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until you have added all the modems you want. Notes * To set up a Multilink Connection, you must have two or more modems installed on your computer, one phone line for each modem, and an ISP that supports PPP and multilink connections. *If the first modem connects successfully but the second modem fails to connect, multilink is probably not supported by the ISP. *Multilink is part of Dial-Up Networking. It is not available when using other communications programs.

    *Although Multilink is designed for ISDN modems, it can be used by two or more analog modems of the same or different speeds. However, using analog modems can cause serial overrun errors that impair the performance of the multilink connection. English | Espaol | Franais Modem Sharing DeviceModem Sharing Device: Our intelligent Modem Sharing Devices save you money on your telephone bills by eliminating or more effectively using your phone lines. Each of these Modem Sharing Devices is designed to the highest quality standards because we know that your phone system has to always work. Each Modem Sharing Device is for a slightly different application but they are all designed to save you money. These products are much more than Modem Sharing Devices.

    They are money saving telecommunication products. Review the Modem Sharing Devices below. Click on the links to find out more. Chances are you will find one that will meet your needs. Any of these Modem Sharing Devices could save you thousands! Exactly how much money will a modem sharing device save me?The Stick -Modem Sharing Device for the small business.

    3 Year WarrantyHigh quality Single Line Modem Sharing Device on the market today. Perfect Modem Sharing Device for your small or home business. Automatically routes calls to the right device every time! Use up to four telecommunication devices on one line. Click here to find out more about this Modem Sharing Device. Your Price only $139. 00 Delivered*The Stick II – Modem Sharing Device for your two-line home or business.

    3 Year WarrantyHighest quality 2-line Modem Sharing Device available anywhere. If you use two lines in your business, this two-line Modem Sharing Device is what you are looking for. The only true two-line Modem Sharing Device that actually turns your existing inside phone wires into a mini-network. Never worry about busy signals again.

    Click here to find out more about this two-line Modem Sharing Device. Unique Features include:Call In/Dial Out Long Distance Saver(call into it from your cell phone to make cheaper long distance calls) Port-to-Port Communication and Data Transfer (works like a network over your existing phone lines. )Your Price only $259. 00 Delivered* SR Series – Distinctive Ringing Modem Sharing Device2 Year Warranty (SR2, SR3), 1 Year Warranty (LPSR)The Selective Ring Modem Sharing Device for distinctive ring customers. Only ring the device intended for that call. Instead of having one phone number for 2 or 3 devices, you actually have 2 or three phone numbers and only pay for one phone line.

    Each device has its own phone number. Choose from 2 or 3 selective ring lines. Click here to find out more about the SR-Series Distinctive Ringing Modem Sharing Device.SR-2 (Two Devices) – Distinctive Ringing Modem Sharing DeviceYour Price only $109.00 Delivered*SR-3 (Three Devices) – Distinctive Ringing Modem Sharing DeviceYour Price only $119.00 Delivered*bibliography:————-Microsoft Help 2001

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