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    How the Civil Rights Movement Began

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    The American declaration of independence stated, that: “All men are created equal”. But in the eyes of the white only they were born with equal opportunities. Africans were brought to the united states as slaves and were workers on the fields for the whites. They would auctions selling the black men to the highest bidding farmers, it was like purchasing farm equipment. Until 1865 the Negroes were treated and looked at as something lower than human, Africans at this time were treated as if they were apes in a zoo and held the same amount of rights as an animal would. They were raised believing that whites were the dominant, the superior, and that charge should only be taken by them. It took them years to realize that they have to stand up for their rights, even tho at the time that was like suicide. When the war arose there was mass mas bloodshed throughout the country between the north and the south, and resulted in the slaves being freed to their rights. But with this being said they way they were treated did not change at all.

    Many africans or any were not able to buy land for multiple reason, mostly because a lot of the land belonged to the south,and secondly none of them had much money. Through this time multiple cruel event had happened up to the movement for which the lives of the african americans changed forever.

    The civil rights movement was through a period of time from the 1950’s through the 1960’s, were African americans were seeking out acquire their constitutional rights which they Fergusonwere being deprived of. Many of the African american women through this time had jobs as maids in white women’s houses. This intelled the cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids and multiple other duties. Many of them were treated badly and as if they were different, for instance the black women could not use the same restroom as the white women. Man similar things like this happened for instance segregation within the schools, many blacks could not attend white schools or could not use the same bathroom or drink out of the same water fountain, it was almost as if the whites thought the black were contagious or poisonous.

    Until 1965 when the voting rights act was past african americans could not vote, May of the goal in this moment were to bring an end to things like this even though it was going to be a challenge and thought to be close to impossible. One of the main people involved in the civil rights movement is the inspirational leader Martin Luther king jr. He was the most influential black leader of the time, He stood for an important focus for the civil rights movement. From 1956 until his tragic assassination during his “i have a dream” speech, throughout his time of protesting an standing up for not not only the blacks within his community but throughout the entire country, he was widely known for non violent protesting.There would be massive marches held throughout the cities with very little corruption.

    The local law enforcement would always be waiting on thm with riot shields and be attending on using deadly force if they did not stop.But courageously Mr. king would always say to stand tall and keep marching. This leads me onto my next involvement, which is Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks in my opinion was a big starter and began the civil rights movement, one morning she was charged of not following the City’s segregation rules and fined for 10 dollars on top of the Court costs. Rosa Fergusonshocked and sent a message to the black community and the nation that it was time for change when she refused to give her seat up at the front of the bus for a white person. The same day of her arrest Martin Luther King met with one of the leading black activists and was hired to boycott the bus laws and send out a voice. This boycott of the bus laws, which was one of Jim Crows transportation laws, was a major success and game changer, landing Mr.King in the eyes of the nation with this accomplishment. Soon blacks all over this country began to have civil non-violent protest in many segregational places. In result most of these places were desegregated.

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