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    Horror of Boston Massacre (753 words)

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    There is so much wrong in this world we must endure, and one of many wrongs that we are opposed to is how we are being treated. We are being treated, in completely unfair ways, we are being killed off for no good reason. We are being forced to pay taxes for the foreigners, and being dragged into national controversies that we have no business being in. On this paper it clearly states “We are burdened by enormous taxes by foreigners” (American Citizens). “We are forced into collisions with other nations” (American Citizens). Based off of what the advertisement says we are clearly in bad condition. There is also a problem with the Roman Catholic church being too aggressive. Our freedom of speech is being limited as well. Here is how all these problems can be fixed easy. Simply give us what we request. We are in favor of our mechanics being protected so foreign labor.

    In Boston Massacre, the British colonists threw snowballs at the troops causing a riot. The British troops fired their rifles at unarmed men, and wounding/killing the colonists. In the “American Citizens” picture it shows that the two sides are arguing and the right side of the picture show people holding up signs, and protesting. In the “Boston Massacre” picture, there isn’t much protesting going on since they’re getting shot at, and trying to protect themselves. Another big difference between the two pictures is that, in the Boston massacre picture you can see people running, and trying to get away, but in the other picture they’re all standing there ground, and making sure they don’t surrender until they get what they need. It shows that since then, they have learned to stand up for what’s right, and no being scared. Therefore, this propaganda reminds the true American patriotism and the rights of Americans that the Constitution insures. We truly fear that the Germans and the Irish immigrants as we do not know their culture, values and traditions.

    Based off of the picture. There are several different things that the people are in favor of, and would love it if they could come to an agreement with you on this. The first thing that the people would like, is if the Foreign labor did no touch the mechanics. We would like our machines not used by them. We also find it very unfair that they are able to vote, and they have most likely just came into this country. We would like it if they have at least lived here for 21 years, then they should be granted to right to vote. Also if there is any criminal act with foreigners they should be sent, back to wherever they came from. Finally the free school should not change at all. These are the demands of the people, this is what they are in favor of. This is what will make them happy. However, we do oppose and demand that the government should consider these. The Immigrants are not to hold office, train foreign military in the U.S. or hold foreign secret missions in the U.S., and or the Americans to pay taxes to support the foreigners.

    Now basically what I’m trying to say is get rid of the stuff we don’t want, and let us have the stuff we do want. It would be so much easier if this was how it was. Based off of the pictures times, have changed we are no longer scared, and running away. We stand tall, and fight for what we believe in, and we won’t give up until we get what we want. Based off of the documents presented here, the people are clearly sick of being stepped on, and made to look like fools. They will not stand for this anymore. In order to have our wishes granted we must come to a solid agreement, that what is currently going on is wrong, and it must be fixed. From there we can figure out ways in which our demands can be met. Once that is figured out both parties can be happy. And most importantly we can live more peacefully, and in harmony. Based off of how things are going now, it will be hard to change things up, and come to an agreement, but I’m sure we can figure something out eventually. However for now, those are just what we want done, and hopefully we can get this done.

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    Horror of Boston Massacre (753 words). (2021, Dec 21). Retrieved from

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