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    Healthy Benefits of Eating Organic Foods 

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    The majority of people around the world desire to live a happy and healthy life. Reaching these goals is what most people spend their entire life trying to achieve. In the past when the individual was able to provide for themselves and their families, they were able to contain themselves. In the present day, however, there is an increasing concern about what type of food is best. There are pros and cons to almost every situation. Eating organic food leads to a healthier lifestyle. More and more people are drawing the conclusion that eating organic food leads to a healthier lifestyle.

    Organic food is more suitable for you in basic, includes fewer chemicals, and develops a better environment, it is a healthier lifestyle choice. There has been much consideration given to organic foods, and how they are reconsidering the way in which we absorb agricultural goods. Though, many news reporters and some authorities have claimed that there was publicity with organic food and it did not describe healthier lifestyle options for consumers. In seeing more at organic food and how it varies from traditional foods, it’s utterly that there are some advantages to it that are not present in normal foods.

    Organic food is simply better for you. Lairon’s review reported that regarding minerals, organic foods have 21-percent more iron and 29-percent magnesium than non-organic foods (Crinnion). This shows there are chemicals in organic foods that are natural, great for our immune system, and simply not observed in other foods that we eat today. Undoubtedly, the evidence that organic food is not gradually modified or tampered by people shows that there are benefits to natural components.

    In addition, it is essential to remember that organic food is the proposed way for humans to eat. While people have developed over the way of thousands of years, our bodies are still turned towards eating unmodified food. Because most of the food that we eat today is genetically altered or treated in some way, it is manufactured by default. As the human body has not had time to develop a description of the diversity in the food, organic is the natural food that our body requires. The organic food that we can buy is specifically not intruded with and outlines the closest we can probably get to foods that our antecedent ate. Considering that there are immense health problems with processed foods such as McDonald’s and others, obesity is very common and people have yet to understand that these foods are simply not natural for humans to eat. Eventually, humans have just not grown enough to process this tampered food better than we can process organic.

    Organic foods do not need any harmful chemicals. Organic foods are formed without using pesticides or additional chemicals that are not natural, or healthy, for the human body. However, because some chemicals used in foods are seriously dangerous, organic foods are a better option as they need these ingredients. When farmers use chemicals to prevent bugs from their food, they are at once infecting it with hazardous chemicals that can create lots of harm to people as well. Organic food, though, does not use these unhealthy chemicals in the method of their production. Moreover, on the grounds that disease spread because of poisonous chemicals in foods, organic is more beneficial in that way too. With organic food, you will not notice the use of unnatural and unhealthy chemicals to maintain it or keep insects off of it.

    Because organic food is made without fungicide or other external chemicals, it cannot develop tendencies to harm people. The one major difference the study found was that conventional animal products were more likely to be contaminated with pathogens that were resistant to three or more antibiotics — for chicken and pork, conventional samples were 33 percent more at risk (Bottermiller). Such evidence determines that when eating pork or chicken that is not organic, there is a greatly greater risk of getting sick. As a conclusion, Organic food is a much more reliable option for those that do not want to take a chance of eating naturally modified food that offers more risks. Fewer chemicals being used results in a much more natural diet for people and the eating of foods that are harmless instead of being risky.

    Organic food is more suitable for the entire environment globally. Besides the health benefits, organic food is as well better for the environment because each of the chemicals used to produce normal goods is not mixed into the soil, water, and air. When toxicants and other chemicals are used to produce goods and livestock, they go into the groundwater and fill it with chemicals that require refining to get rid of. Pesticides have important benefits in crop protection, food and material preservation, and disease control although unfortunately can pose undesirable effects on human health and environmental ecosystems (“Environmental risk”). This explains that when we produce agricultural goods like vegetables and fruits, we are also polluting the environment, which is not good for the people. A third of the planet’s land is severely degraded and fertile soil is being lost at the rate of 24bn tonnes a year, according to a new United Nations-backed study that calls for a shift away from destructively intensive agriculture (Watts). In conclusion, concentrating on growing mostly organic foods will not simply lead to healthier lives for the individual compulsive foods, however also other generations that have experienced it as a result. This is a much more comprehensive long-term benefit or organic foods.

    Furthermore, consuming organic foods additionally makes a much superior environment in terms of air quality. The major issue is that the current way that we produce foods produces carbon dioxide, which goes into the air and is not good for humans in high amounts. Organic agriculture has the potential to help reduce carbon emissions, enhance soil fertility, and improve climate resilience (“Organic Agriculture”). This shows that organic foods really help make better the air quality that we all consume above the long haul. Besides, when farmers produce organic food, it is much better for the soil. Soil that has been spattered with toxicants and other fast-growing chemicals suffers from the diminished richness of nutrients and quality. Organic soil showed greater species richness of soil bacteria and nematodes compared to conventional soil (Van Diepningen et al.). Therefore, while organic food does provide personal benefits to consumers, its consequences also last longer in terms of how much value they offer to society overall.

    Misinterpretation regarding organic food. Despite the evidence given, there have been some studies and research initiatives to point out that there are no advantages to organic food, and these are totally not correct. Because many different studies by different investigators and organizations can have several political and economic agendas, there is much more opportunity for them to be the whole misread. From a nutritional standpoint, I am not aware of any good scientific data showing that organic produce is more nutritious than conventionally raised produce (Sachleben). Several investigations have been done in order to reveal that there are scientific and nutritional reasons for the advantages of organic foods above normal ones. Even on the evidence of just history, we know that varied and genetically modified food is a new age phenomenon. Glancing back centuries of years, we did not have this problem beforehand in terms of obesity and other long terms negative health trends. The core difference over time was that the food grew much more processed in terms of how chemicals were being used.

    In conclusion, as we have seen, fewer chemicals, stronger health benefits, and a stronger environment have shown that organic food is much better for you entirely. People have not grown enough to the point where they can eat prepared foods without feeling unpleasant outcomes such as illness, obesity, and an excess of chemicals in the body. Organic foods, nevertheless, do not include as many bad chemicals and truly have ones that increase lastingness and well-being. Particularly in meats and livestock, organic is a more suitable choice because the animals cannot produce antibiotic agents like in traditional growth trends of livestock. Moreover, organic food is just better for the environment. Because organic brings up no use of toxicants, this excess waste cannot seep into water suppliers or establish more carbon dioxide into our air. These health advantages are not only good for people but society in general. A counter-argument for the misunderstanding of scientific evidence was also considered in order to prove that there may be opposing evidence that is just not grounded in truth or data.

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