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    Hazing Essay

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    Hazing: Is it really necessary?: Having never been or wanting to be ina fraternity. I havent figured out why they choose such ridiculous hazingrituals who would want to be ridiculed, humiliated, and/or physically abused bysomeone who will later be your brother. Lives have been taken many timesby these hazing rituals and fraternities still continue to hurt people. If thesepeople are supposed to be your friends, who needs enemies?-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Category:Social IssuesPaper Title:Hazing: Is it really necessary?Text:Hazing: Is it really necessary?Having never been or wanting to be in a fraternity.

    I havent figured outwhy they choose such ridiculous hazing rituals who would want to be ridiculed,humiliated, and/or physically abused by someone who will later be your brother. Lives have been taken many times by these hazing rituals and fraternities stillcontinue to hurt people. If these people are supposed to be your friends, whoneeds enemies?Hazing has been around for many years and without knowing it, a lot morepeople than one would think have died from hazing and initiations. The firstreported was in 1905 in Lima, Ohio school It was found that WilliamTaylor a 13 year old boy died of pneumonia caused by when classmates put snowdown his back. (Watts/Grolier) As the years have gone by the hazing stillcontinue and were on a rise but slowly becoming useless because so many areputting it down. Hazing is one of the main issues that surround fraternities.

    Hazing is theinitiating of pledges to drink excessive quantities of alcohol, consume largequantities of food, or submit to beatings with a paddle. Since deaths andserious injuries have come about from hazing most states enact laws prohibitingit. The acts of hazing in all its manifestations are unnecessary and haveproved to cause harm to individuals, families and the careers of promising menand women (Butler, 88)Hazing is not just known in fraternities and sororities. Hazing has beenfound in the military, sports, gangs and now in high schools. Almost half thehigh school students who answered a nationwide survey said they were made to eatdisgusting things, abuse alcohol or drugs or perform humiliating or illegal actsto join athletic teams, the band, even church groups.

    (Hazings not A3)Younger people have always been taught to look up to their peers. What collegestudents do high school and even middle school students are going to want toimitate what the older students do. They feel that some young teens participatein these hazing rituals to have a since of belonging, it is to bad that youngchildren need to participate in these types of activities just to make them feellike they fit in. The military has the most unheard of hazing rituals.

    The Marines are givenbasic training week and if you complete the paratroopers training they are giventheir golden wings. The wings are a pin with two half-inch protruding pointson the back. Sometimes, with that military love of macho ritual, the pin is evenproudly thumped into a marines chest to draw a little celebratory blood. (Gleick30) Some marines feel that since pinning has a long history in the corps, and afew young jarheads jokingly call is a Marine sewing circle, insisting thatthe ritual is an integral part of Marine bonding. Someone with something wrongwith them would do such a thing to themselves.

    Military authorities insist thatthey will do all they can to prevent such hazing in the future. If they thinkthat the leadership of the Marine Corps believes that bating on their fellowMarine makes for a better warrior, theyd better find themselves a newoccupation. Stated an angry general. Another group that has hard to believe hazing are gangs, for girl gangs Theyhave to subject themselves to being `jumped in or beaten up by all the girlsin the gang (Vida 80) After the girls are jumped in they are not donewith what they have to do to stay in the gang.

    Gang girls may be asked to doan armed robbery or kill enemy gang members. (80)Fraternities feel that there is nothing wrong with the hazings or should Isay, initiation traditions are fund and bring a team together. (Shouldsports, 26) The bonding of the brothers is not something that should hurtanyone, and should in the end bring them closer tighter so that they will have afriend for life.Not knowing that your friend is actually you enemy and that so many have

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