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Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone

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The book start by explaining how boring the Durley’s life was, they were an ordinary family, that enjoyed living in their monotonous boring simple life, but their world was turned around when they wake up in an ordinary day and go out the front door to pick up the newspaper and found a one year old baby sleeping in a basket with a note in his hands.

Petunia and Vernon Dursley had been handed their nephew after his parent, Lily and James Potter, died in a horrible accident, Petunia hated her sister Lily and didn’t want anything to do with her son Harry, but they didn’t have a choice, so her husband and her took the decision of taking in Harry.

Harry grew up with the Dursley’s suffering bullying by his cousin Dudley, also his uncles locked him up in a cupboard under the stairs when they got angry at him, this happened very often because they blamed everything on him.

On an ordinary day Harry went to pick up the mail and found a letter that was addressed to him, but his uncle Vernon didn’t let him read it, the next weeks the house was full of that same letter addressed to Harry but Vernon did everything to stop him from reading it, one day Vernon took all the family away to an island so that no letters would arrive, but this time a big man arrived at their door and told Harry he was a wizard and gave him the letter that was an invitation to Hogwarts school.

Harry went with this big man and bought everything he needed for the school year, he took a train to Hogwarts in which he met Ron Weasley, a tall red-haired boy who instantly became his best friend. They arrived at the school and where assigned a “school house”, which was chosen by the personality of the wizard, Harry was assigned to Gryffindor, so was Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, a curly haired girl who was very intelligent.

Harry was starting to adapt to the school when he began to have problems with Draco Malfoy, a golden hair boy who hated Harry because he was friends with Ron and Hermione because Ron was poor and Hermione was a half-breed wizard, so he began having problems with him, one day they were in their first flying lesson and he stole a toy from a friend of Harry’s, so Harry got in a broom and humiliated him in a battle, thanks to this he was invited to play Quidditch, a popular sport played in the school.

One day Harry was in a game of Quidditch and someone in the public began to hex the broom Harry was flying in and Hermione and Ron thought Professor Snape, a serious long hair men was the one hexing Harry, because Snape hated Harry and always tried to humiliate him in his classes.

After the broom incident, Ron, Hermione and Harry began to investigate more about professor Snape and they think he wanted to steal some object very valuable from Hogwarts, because they saw a bite mark on his leg and the object was protected by a giant dog, so they thought Snape tried to steal it and was bitten by the giant dog.

Harry and his friends began to investigate more about this object that was being held in custody in the safest place of the whole castle, so Hermione found a book about a magical stone called “Philosopher stone”, this stone was supposed to be able to create the elixir of life and live forever, so they decided to steal it before Snape did.

Harry, Ron and Hermione went to Hagrid, the giant man that told Harry he was a wizard, to ask him if there was a way of getting past the giant dog, and he told them the only way someone could get passed the dog is if they put some music so that it fall asleep.

Harry and his friends went to the room where the dog was, but the found that someone had already been there and had got past the dog by playing some music, so they went trough the door the dog was protecting to try to get the stone before someone else did, they went trough the door and found themselves that they needed to go through a lot of rooms that each contained an obstacle that they needed to go through, the first room was filled with flying keys and a locked door, so Harry needed to fly to obtain a key and open the door, so he got the biggest key of all and open the door.

The next room was a room that had a giant chessboard in it, they needed to play and win in order to get to the next door, they played and were loosing so Ron had to sacrifice himself in order to win the game, they won and Hermione stayed with Ron to help him, so Harry needed to continue alone. In the next room there was a table with some potions and a riddle that Harry needed to crack to pick the right potion and continue to the next door, Harry cracked the riddle and know what was in each bottle so he pick the one that left him go through the next room.

The next room was a big room with a mirror in the middle of it, in there Harry found the person that was trying to rob the stone, but it wasn’t Snape as they thought, it was professor Quirrell, a nervous young man, Harry found him in there and he told Harry his secret, he was helping Voldemort, the wizard that killed Harry’s parents, to get strong enough and revive, but Quirrell needed to get the stone, in that moment Harry felt something in his pocket, it was the philosopher stone, so Quirrell began to fight with Harry to try and rob the stone from Harry, but when he touched it the stone glowed and killed the professor.

Harry wake up in the school hospital and was congratulated by everyone, Harry was very confused because he didn’t remember what really happened. After a week of recovery the school had one last meal together in which they told what house won the house cup that year, this was a cup awarded to the best house of the year, so Dumbledore announced that Gryffindor won because of the bravery of Harry, after this the school year was over and went to their houses for vacations.

In conclusion, Harry was a normal eleven-year-old boy until some man told him he was a wizard and invited him to Hogwarts, a school of wizards, in which he became friend of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, they found a secret room with a giant three headed dog in it and he was protecting a trapdoor, they tried to imagine what was the dog protecting, they investigated and found out about a stone called philosopher’s stone, a stone that could give eternal life.

Also, they found out someone was trying to steal it so they decided to steal it first they went trough the dog and several rooms with obstacles, they work together and went through them until they had to leave Harry alone, he entered the last room and found out that the thief was a professor of the school they fought over the stone and the professor died when he touched the stone, after this Harry woke up a few days later in the hospital and was congratulated by everyone, the school year ended and they all went to vacation.

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