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    Hamlet’s Madness: Feigned or Real Essay

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    “When i see a pretty girl walking down the street, I think two things. One part wants to be real nice and sweet, and the other part wonders what her head would look like on a stick.”~ Ed Gein. These are the thoughts of a psycho. These are the thoughts of a murderer. These are the thoughts of a serial killer. In the play titled hamlet, the main character which is hamlet relates to Ed Gein in a lot of different ways. These two psychopathic minds relate in the most gruesome and monstrous ways That I will cover later, but first let’s start with the differences.

    Ed Gein was an infamous serial killer born in lacrosse, Wisconsin to horrible unstable parents. He grew up unfortunate was plagued by things stuffed in his mind by mother. She would tell him as a child things like all women, are evil and sex is not good. He began all work on a farm. He was a serial killer. Ed would not only kill his victims he would decapitate them and skin them to make clothes and furniture out of them. He was found and charged with the murders. Being pronounced unstable, he was not sent to prison, but to a mental institution. Ed lived the rest of his knew days there and eventually died at age 77 with no kids from liver failure caused by cancer.

    Now Hamlet on the other hand didn’t grow up as Ed Gein. Hamlet grew up very wealthy and rich growing up to be king of Denmark. Instead of a farm he lived in a mansion. When he killed people he did not go to the extreme with it like Ed would do neither. Hamlet wasn’t charged with a crime like Ed, neither was he put in a mental institution. Hamlet was murdered by a poisoned knife, Ed Gein was not murdered, but died from health problems as I stated earlier. Hamlet was set in the late 1500s and early 1600s centuries before Ed was born.

    Even with all that being said, these two characters are extremely alike. From a mental state of view they have things in common. Just how Ed didn’t go to prison because he was mentally unstable Hamlet shows signs of not being normal in the play. One of the main things’ hamlet does in the play is talking to and see his dead father, King Hamlet who was killed by his uncle Claudius. He clearly wasn’t right in the head after the lost of his father whom he loved dearly. Hamlet’s mindset began to be unhealthy. Everything to Hamlet began to be negative, and he lost trust in people. “In my heart there was a kind of fighting that would not let me sleep”~Hamlet.

    Hamlet is so mentally shocked he finds trouble sleeping. Ed Gein was so out of his mind there is no need to even describe him. We all know him as the character in the movie Leatherface or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He was so ruthless he got his movies from the crimes he committed. Ed Gein was perceived as insane by the judge and diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia. These two men, both were responsible for multiple murders and killings. Hamlet killed Polonius, Laertes, and even Claudius. Ed Gein was charged with killing worden but people believe there were many more deaths caused by him.

    After we take a look at the characteristics of each person, Ed Gein and Hamlet, you find several characteristics that relate. Two psychopathic murderous minds. Multiple murders and homicides to their name. These men obviously suffered with mental problems, but it doesn’t make what they did right. Hamlet suffered in the ending by getting killed by Laertes and Ed suffered in the end by never seeing daylight again. Treating a pretty girl with respect is always ok, just please don’t put her head on a stick.

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