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    By closing japan harbors, the tokugawa shogunate attempted to
    Protect japan from european influence
    One way I which these historical occurrences are similar is that they both led to increased
    One way Japanese feudalism during the Tokugawa shogunate was different from European feudalism is that during this period of Japanese feudalism
    Political power was more centralized
    Which areas did the Mongols conquer and incorporate into their empire
    China Russia and Iran
    The leadership of genghis khan, the use of the stirrup, and excellent horsemanship all contributed to
    Rise of Mongol empire
    Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta are best known for
    Providing extensive info about lands and people
    One reason the Renaissance began in Italy was that Italian city stars
    Dominated key med trade routes
    During the European Middle Ages, guilds were created to
    Standardize goods and
    What was one result of the commercial revolution in Europe
    Development of financial institutions
    What was one result of the European commercial rev
    Development of capitalism
    Which one of the following statements about the bubonic player in Europe Asia and Africa are accurate
    It followed trade routes
    Bubonic plague affected economic development in medieval times by
    Causing production to decline and
    Prices to rise
    What was the direct result of the Black Death In Europe
    A shortage of workers developed
    What was one ideal of Renaissance humanism
    Investigating area of interest and fulfilling ones
    Humanism during the Italian Renaissance was focused on
    Importance of the individual
    The prince advice rulers to
    Establish and maintain power

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