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    Gender Equality in the Workplace

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    Since the year 1950, women have tried to achieve so much in this patriarchal society. Since time in memorial women have been know to take the second part after the man and play the second-class citizen role. Between 1960-1970 is the years most women can outrightly come out and say they started living a quality life since they were not oppressed so much by their male counterpart who have been repressing them for decades (Lorber,2001). This saw to it that women were more capable of creating an economical and social difference and not just confined in the walls of a matrimonial house. Feminists around the world are till worried because, what has been achieved so far is not the best life has to offer. Yes, women have been given to contribute in the economic, management and administrative platforms, but is there equality at these places they are working? The world experienced on of the worst recession to be ever seen over the last few years. It therefore goes without saying that it would take up ideas, talent and innovations to help in making a recovery. National and companies now more than able needs to give much attention to the talents and the skills their female human resource can bring to the table.

    Women have played an important role in terms of global recovery, from being just consumers, then to voter, then to employees and then there are women employers. Global recessions are not to limited to the financial and economic change but it also needs reforming, restructuring and rethinking. Women are seen to make up the largest portion of the population and therefore, without their active involvement it would be difficult in achieving these economic recoveries efficiently. The gap between men and women is seen to still exists globally, and is in persistence. More efforts in terms of education, legislation, health and politics need to be made to curb this disparity that is in existence between the two genders that should not be there in the first place if we are all to coexist equally in the same society with the same available resources and time. Many people have different views and opinion towards the issue on gender empowerment as an equality some see it as an important aspect that needs to be dealt with properly in order to optimally maximize on the human resources available.

    Gender disparity is still a major problem woman have to deal with in their world places. Most women given the same type of jobs as their counterparts they, end up being treated unfairly more so in terms of the payment they each get. The woman will be paid less compared to the man. This underpayment usually arises dur to the notion that women are not stable and strong enough to have reached a point where they can earn equally as the men or probably even higher than them. They are also being seen as thee weaker gender who is not capable of handling stress like the males, this is why the recruition process in some companies is so biased in that it only wants to work with the male gender despite the fact that there are females who are more qualified than the man, who have made their applications and have been turned down.

    The number of women who have went through sexual harassment at their places of work by theirs colleagues and employers keep on increasing as the days go by. Sexual harassment is an unethical act be it towards men or towards women. The people who encounter sexual harassment most of the are the women. Reporting sexual harassment has always been difficult more so because it’s a matter of he said, she said (Willness, et, al 2007). Also, sexual harassment has taken so many new forms and evolved from the ones that existed making it even harder to deal with sexual harassment in the office.

    All women are encouraged to come together and not give up in their quest for equality. Feminist have come a really long way with this advocacy and they surely ought not to stop now. Most women are not getting the help or the intervention that they need to get because they are holding back and keeping in all that they are experiencing to themselves not wanting to share with anyone because they have been threatened or they will feel more vulnerable. It is for this reason that more women empowerment programs should come up so that these kinds of women can gain the needed confidence and self esteem to stand up for themselves and demand that pay raise, and to take action on any form of sexual harassment initiated by her colleagues or her employer. Encouraging women to be educated is also another tasks that feminists are hugely campaigning for so that more women are exposed to the best job opportunities that would make great impacts on their lives without having to miss on an opportunity due to lack of the relevant papers necessary for that position.

    Gender inequality is a virus within the society that is morally wrong and yet to completely go away. Many at times we want to believe that it has been eradicated but this is living in an illusioned world. Women are out here still struggling to fit in the competitive business world to make something of themselves. This is not made easy by thee system that is out there to ensure that they are kept at bay. The system has been made in such a way that women are allowed to attain a certain type of success, but not too much success. This limitation and holding women back are what is causing their counterpart gender to still feel they have the ultimate power. The gender gap that exists has caused so much hurt to women because it has seen them loose so many dreams that have passed unfulfilled because of bias and due lack of being trusted with the opportunity in the first place. A person who lives a life with dreams they know they could have achieved but were held back due to the set up in the society tends to lead a very hopeless and disappointing life. They see thee change they could have been able to effect if they were to be given the opportunity. A woman who has her heart in something is a woman who can achieve so much more because of the diligence they always have. This makes it very possible for women to be able to achieve so much more in their entire lifespan if they are not discriminated against because of their sex because of their principles. People who continue to make it difficult for women participate in certain job application, or to be promoted to certain positions are really part of the problem and there should be harsh penalties for such kind of inhumane actions. We need to see each other as compliments instead of seeing each other as competitors, or inferior beings wanting to see the other gender oppressed and subdue to the superior gender. In eliminating this gender disparity that still exists then it becomes easier for the world to achieve more.

    Classical socialism is the ethical theory in which everyone is allocated work and benefits in accordance to their abilities and their needs. ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs’(Payne, et al. 2013). Men and women are treated equally, but only to a certain extent. This is through being given roles that are compatible to one’s physiology with the thought that it will yield into the best of people. When these roles get to be biased, this is where the problem of gender inequality gets to come about. Most of the time men and women are not given the luxury to choose what they want to do; it is decided for them. This makes socialism and equality not to be able to coexist unless the ideologies of socialism are changed to suit the members of the society. For example, if a woman wants to run for a political office and the society views this as a man’s line of duty, its already biased in its own self since it will not allow the other gender to pursue what they really want because of the already pre-existing roles. Utilitarian social welfarism is another ethical theory that works very well with gender quality. It is aimed at getting a balance in one’s pursuit of happiness considering the collective well-being of the others. With this,’ men are very capable of giving up the power the society handed to them over women, to be able to pursue other things collectively.’ (Peter, 2003), where the majority forms an underclass, the need arises for a moral rule that will maximise human happiness if universally followed,’ this is the rule of utilitarianism. Women being the underclass is not slightly condoned therefore promoting gender equality.

    For there to be gender equality in the world then people need to embrace Utilitarian social welfarism. This is because it allows for equality and justice through out the world without being biased on one gender. This therefore makes it possible for the female gender to be able to live happily as they chase their life goals and dreams. On the other hand, classical socialism that is mostly still in practice, yield gender inequality to an extent that there is so much bias and injustice experienced by a certain group of people in the society. The women will continue being thee underclass here and men will continue to thrive at their expense. For the global recession to be addressed, the society should therefore be pro- Utilitarian social welfarism(Peter, 2003).

    Other people argue that a society with inequality is what works best because not everyone can ever be equal. There has to always be a leader and there has to be the one who subdues for people to co- exists peacefully. It is for this reason that many people are for the classical socialism ethical theory. This thought is not only projected by the male gender, but some females have also the same thought. This is because they do not know a world of self-happiness. They have not experienced a world where they can be free to go get what they actually want without being harassed sexually or given promotion due to merit (Willness, et, al 2007). Human beings are certainly afraid of the unknown. People tend to be comfortable with familiarity and that is why the fact that there could be a change in what people are used to scares them. However, change is inevitable and it is through change that we get to achieve and discover so many new things. Giving this type of theory a chance, to just see what could happen to the world is what could be necessary and would probably make the world a better place for everyone, the moment gender equality has been established.

    Feminist have really tried so hard to bring women to the point they are right now and enjoy some of the things they would never have enjoyed in their lifetime (Lorber,2001).However total gender equality has not yet been attained since there are still women who experience sexual harassment in their work place, denial of job promotions and recruition due to the fact that they are feminine, and less pay with regard to their male counterparts in the same field. This gender disparity menace is a virus that could be corrected by the implementation of the Utilitarian social welfarism theory in out societies. When we do this we are able to exhaust all the available human resource that will enable maximization of potential thereby contributing in the restoration of the economy in the best ways is therefore a necessity to allow women to freely choose what they want to do without being repressed by the male gender if the true economic development in the world is to be attained and maintained.


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