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    Garment dipping Essay (1775 words)

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    Garment dunking

    What is a wrinkle free shirt?

    A wrinkle free shirt is a garment that has been treated in such a manner that it preserves its form, smooth visual aspect and folds after washing. If the garment is tumble dried, small Ironing or No ironing is required.

    Wrinkle free stuffs can defy even the roughest of intervention. Even though Wool is much stronger than cotton, this method is largely done with cotton cloths. Cellulosic fibre incorporating cloths are made immune to folds by the usage of a lasting wrinkle- free procedure which is composed of the intervention of a cellulosic fibre with methanal, a rosin with a accelerator, a softener, polywax emulsion and an Optical Brightening agent.

    The procedure is carried out in conditions at which the methanal reacts with the cellulose in the presence of a accelerator and a softener to better the furrow opposition of the cloth and better tear strength after washing with less intervention.

    The most common agents that crosslinks among themselves and consequences in the wrinkle free coatings are frequently the derived function of Urea.

    Figure 1.0 show the crosslinking between DMDHEU ( dimethylol dihydroxyethyleneurea ) and DMEU ( dimethylol ethylene carbamide )

    Figure 1.0

    Presents most of the wrinkle free shirts are being composed of cotton and man-made fibres even if the label states 100 % cotton. Due to the loose ordinances, a list extra stuffs is necessary in the cloth if the secondary fibres exceed a certain per centum of the full garment which affects its quality and may ensue in shirts that do n’t last every bit long as they should. Some wrinkle free shirts are non meant to be pressed at a professional prohibitionist cleansing agent because the more the temperature is, the more exposed the shirts are to the stain of the rosins used during fabrication.

    What are the constituents that the rosin is made up of?

    1 ) Catalyst

    A accelerator is asubstance that speeds up a chemical reaction, but is non consumed by the reaction ; hence a accelerator can be recovered chemically unchanged at the terminal of thereaction.The rate and velocity of the reaction is positively affected by the presence of a accelerator. It speeds up the reaction and allows a better flow

    For chemicals to respond with the cellulosic fibres, the ingredients involved in the reaction should hold a rearrangement of chemical bonds. Energy is needed to organize the passage province and it is called the energy of activation. Reactants with lower energy can non respond with high energy 1s and this is where the accelerator is used so that it provides a different path for the reaction. The accelerator allows a greater proportion of reactant species so that they gain adequate energy to go through through the passage province and finish the reaction. This will ensue into the perfect distribution of chemicals throughout the shirts.

    2 ) Softeners

    There are usually 2 types of softener that are being used and it depends on the construction, coloring material and opposition of the cloth being used.

    I ) An elastomer softener is used and it is an advanced coating agent, chiefly composed of multifunctional polyurethane. It enhances wrinkle recovery and prevents furrow of cloth. The softener besides gives perfect snap to the cloths and it does non do yellowing on white cloths.

    It is a clear syrupy liquid with a pH of 6.5, a nonionized substance and it is really soluble in H2O.

    Normally 1-4 % of the weight of the cloth is added with a pickup of 80 % upper limit. Curing should be performed at 180deg upper limit.

    two ) A Silicone softener is besides used and it a extremely concentrated softener usually found in gel signifier. Silicone usually delivers excellence in softness and smoothness of garments. It gives the garments a lasting soft grip and really smooth feel. It besides increases crease recovery, form deepness and luster when applied on bleached cloths.

    It is a crystalline liquid and is a blend of amino silicones and urethane. It is a non-ionic substance with a pH of 7 and is soluble in H2O. A pickup of 70-80 % should be used and maximal temperature should be around 130 grades.

    3 ) Optical Brightening Agent

    Fibers contain natural or contaminant colouring affairs are by and large subjected to decolorisation by the different bleaching methods hence chemical interventions need to be done so that every substance are neutralized and an optical brightening agent is used.

    In order to utilize an optical brightener for fabric application, it should hold a good solubility, good speed belongingss, construct up belongingss, exhaustion belongingss, consequence of H2O hardness, good grading and penetrating belongingss, should non absorb visible radiation, compatible with the other chemicals in the concentration and should be stable and fast to the oxidative and reductive bleaching agents.

    Types ofWrinkle Free Process of Cotton Shirts:

    This construct of non-iron shirts existed since the really roots of cotton shirt doing decennaries ago. Polyester and other fibres were foremost tried but the consequence was merely a failure and it is so that the consumers got to cognize about the positive belongingss of the cotton fibre. The ability of cotton fibres to keep wet and let go of it controlled makes cotton one of the best fibres among all. It has got a good breathability and gives a feeling of comfort to the user. Since some 15 old ages back, new methods have been established to utilize chemicals with the cotton fibre in order to do them about wrinkle free and there are chiefly 4 types of methods that are used:

    • Pre- Curing

    • Post- Curing

    • Dip- Spin

    • Vapor – Phase

    Pre- Cured cloth:

    The cloth used can be a 100 % cotton cloth or a cotton blend and every bit compared to the other procedures, this method does non necessitate any farther heat intervention as hardening has already been done prior to the industry of the shirt. The already finished cloth is immune to furrows already.

    Post- Cured cloth:

    In this system besides, 100 % cotton cloth or cotton blends can be used and the cloth will be delivered with the hardening chemicals found indoors. After the shirt had been manufactured, it has to be ironed wholly and hanged inside an oven bespeaking a temperature of 130°C to 150°C.

    Dip- Spin system:

    This method is the most normally used procedure to fabricate wrinkle free shirts and can be used both for 100 % cotton and cotton blends. After the full collection of the shirt, it will be dipped into a mixture of chemicals which will be absorbed by the cotton fibres. The shirt being moisturized is kept in a closed pail and will be pressed wholly. After pressing, the shirts will be placed onto a hanger and will be sent to bring around in an oven of about 140°C for 5 proceedingss maximal.

    This one belongs to the most popular procedure for wrinkle free shirts and can be used for 100 % cotton cloths or cotton blends. After the shirt is manufactured as normally, it will be dipped into a mixture of chemicals, which will be absorbed by the cotton fibers. After the intervention in a tumbler the shirt is still moisturized and has to be pressed entirely.After pressing the shirt will be put on a hanger and can be cured in a bring arounding oven by about 140°C for approximately 3 -5 min. After the hardening procedure is over, all furrows will tay for life. A re-touching by an Fe is impossible.This is the procedure that I will be stressing more in the undermentioned pages.

    Vapor – Phase:

    This method can non be practiced in many states as really aggressive chemicals are being used. It follows the same system as the Dip Spin and is manufactured in the same manner. After the last pressure, a particular hardening over is used alternatively of liquid chemicals, gas chemicals are used to do the shirt wrinkle free. The gas go arounding throughout the oven and bit by bit penetrates the cotton fibre. The gas has to be extracted subsequently on and the merchandises need to be washed in order to take the extra chemicals left indoors.

    Garment dunking in Mauritius

    I have explained above about the different constituents and procedures towards the production of a Non-Iron shirt on foreign lands. Coming now to Mauritius where this procedure was implemented merely by Laguna Clothing in the twelvemonth 2012. It was introduced on a pilot undertaking and several proving were conducted before taking any bid from their abroad clients. Gradually the different machines like the sprayer, drier, bulk imperativeness and the oven were installed. After 1 twelvemonth they started to acquire demands to bring forth Non Fe shirts and at first they produced around 500 shirts per twenty-four hours but with the addition in bids, they had to hike the production and presents they produce around 1000-1200 shirts per twenty-four hours harmonizing to the client specifications.

    Batchs of 80-90 shirts are sent for processing at one spell and it take about 1 hr to finish 4 stairss that is after the remotion from the oven and an extra 4 hours to finish the coating of the merchandise. More inside informations will be provided in the subdivisions to follow.

    The section consists of 5 immense machines, the sprayer, 3 driers and 1 oven. Bulk imperativeness machine..GAIN MAXIMUM INFORMATION ABOUT THIS WITH CEDRIC

    How is the whole procedure carried out?

    First and first size segregation is a mandatory measure that needs to be done in order to develop a rapid flow of work. Each size has got a particular mold.

    The first measure that is done is the size segregration which enables a rapid flow of work during the whole procedure

    The 2nd measure is the readying of the chemicals that would be injected into the shirts.

    The apparels are inserted into a chemical injecting machine and the procedure lasts merely for some proceedingss and after that the shirts are sent into a pre drying machine where they are dried at 50 % and kept humid.

    The shirts are so sent for majority pressing under immense pressure machines. There are 5 different machines and each portion of a given shirt has got its ain specified machine.

    The neckband, back, forepart, arms and turnups are pressed and all these procedures has to be completed into a given clip period.

    The shirts are so sent into an oven in order to bring around them. Wooden hangers are usually used at the temperature is normally high.

    The shirts are so sent into the chilling room where H2O are sprayed on them to chill them down and convey pores back to original signifier.

    Shirts are tested and sent for rinsing 20 times and hardening is done.

    Tensile and tear strength trials are besides carried out to find whether the fabric can be dipped

    A grab trial is used for woven and non woven

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