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Cardi B: A New Video for Pepsi in the “More Than Okay” Campaign




Words: 441 (2 pages)

Pepsi features Cardi B in their “More Than Okay” campaign by creating a commercial. The commercial premiered during the 61st Grammy Awards on Sunday February 10th, 2019. In Pepsi’s 2019 “More Than Okay” commercial, the company encourages us that Cardi B approves that it is more than okay to drink Pepsi using ethos, kairos, and…

The Case of Pepsi and Coca Cola

Coca Cola


Words: 1861 (8 pages)

To give a short introduction to the circumstances affecting this case of Pepsi & Coca Cola it has to be said that in general it is not just simple for MNEs to invest and enter foreign markets as regulations and restrictions differ from coutry to country and hence ifluence international business negotiations to a great…

Coke Vs. Pepsi Essay (1891 words)


Words: 1891 (8 pages)

Coke and Pepsi in Russia:In 1972, Pepsi signed an agreement with the Soviet Union which made it the first Western product to be sold to consumers in Russia. This was a landmark agreement and gave Pepsi the first-mover advantage. Presently, Pepsi has 23 plants in the former Soviet Union and is the leader in the…

Executive Summary of Pepsico Essay


Words: 523 (3 pages)

Executive Summary of PepsicoThrough my research of Pepsico, I have calculated the cost of capital. Afirm’s cost of capital is imperative because it represents the funds used tofinance the firm’s assets and operations. First you have to estimate the costof capital in order to minimize it. In estimating the cost of capital, you first have…

Pepsi Project Report Essay (9414 words)


Words: 9414 (38 pages)

The PGDM programme is well structured and integrated course of business studies. The main objective of practical training at PGDM level is to develop skill in student by supplement to the theoretical study of business management in general. Industrial training helps to gain real life knowledge about the industrial environment and business practices. The PGDM…

The Analysis Of Pepsico Vision Statement Essay


Words: 2093 (9 pages)

In this study, I used the vision statement matrix and defects to reexamine the vision statement of PepsiCo. The vision statement matrix I had used is seven constituents to analysis the PepsiCo statement. The constituent is including directional, in writing, focal point, flexible, executable, desirable, and easy to understand. And I was provides recommendation to…

Recruitment and selection planning at pepsico Essay


Words: 3369 (14 pages)

PepsiCo industries, markets, and sells assorted types of bites, carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, and besides nutrients worldwide. The universe ‘s trade name, Pepsi have changed the life criterions of the people lives. Even at school, college, university, place, or what of all time at field day, most of the people prefer to imbibe these drinks….

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