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Obesity (377 words) Essay

ObesityThe numbers do not lie, according to the National Institute of Diabetes 68% of America is either overweight or obese. By definition, a person is obese when their body has enormous proportions of fat, concentrated mainly around the abdomen. Obesity has continued to plaque the United States year after year. Obesity increases a person’s risk…

Obesity Falls Essay

A growing epidemic is sweeping through the developed world, threatening millions with disability and death: obesity. Epidemic’ may sound exaggerated, but the facts speak for themselves: 154 million people worldwide are obeseor more than 20% are over their ideal body weightincluding more than 50% of all Americans. More disturbing is the prevalence of childhood obesity,…

chil obesity Essay

Research Topic: Obesity in ChildrenPreliminary PlanREAL SUBJECTFinding a solution for the commonness of childhood obesity in the United States. AUDIENCEConcerned parents?PERSONAA deictic freshman student, concerned citizen, who has extensively learned about the problem. PURPOSETo propose a solution for the commonness of childhood obesity in the United States by researching and analyzing the problem through the…



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The Rising Rates of Obesity

Our home state of Arkansas is on the rise for obesity rates, ranking in the top 5 in the United States. Obesity is a disorder for an excessive amount of fat on an individual. This disorder affects about 93 million Americans. For adults twenty years or older, a body-mass index (BMI) indicates obesity or extreme…

Preventing, Treating and Controlling Childhood Obesity

Through research professionals have outlined the risks and factors that develop early childhood obesity in addition to strategies of treatment and prevention offered to individuals diagnosed with obesity. Obesity is defined as a condition of becoming overweight, a condition which in turn affects the wellbeing of the individual who suffers from this ailment. Therefore, medical…

How Genetics Affect Obesity  

Genetics play a major role in a person’s health. Genetics can be defined as the study of heredity; heredity is considered to be the biological process where a parent passes certain genes onto their offspring (Mandal, 2018). This is the idea that because a person’s parent is affected by something that the person themselves is…

Advocacy Campaign for Childhood Obesity

Characteristics of childhood obesity include being overweight in comparison to the child’s height by using a body mass index. In a text by Russo (2015), we see that we are in urgent need to derail the high trends of childhood obesity in order to keep children out of bad health conditions and less productivity due…

Socioeconomic Status and Childhood Obesity

Introduction Over the last few years, the rates of obesity among both children and adults have been on the rise (Rogers et al., 2015). One impact that can increase the risk of someone becoming obese is their socioeconomic status. Socioeconomic status encompasses more than just the financial resources that someone has access to, it is…

The Association Between Obesity and Periodontitis

Obesity, therefore, is a chronic metabolic ailment that predisposes various types of disorders which include arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus among other risk factors. However, the most common ailment that is closely linked to obesity is the susceptibility to periodontitis (Suvan, et al., 2015). Periodontitis refers to an infectious disease that is accompanied by an inflammatory…

The Causes and Effects of Obesity

This paper reports the major and minor causes and effects of obesity. In the United States it is found that 31% of men, 35% of women, and 15% of children are obese (Carson-DeWitt, Davidson, & Atkins, 2013, p. 847). Obesity is when a person is considered excessively overweight based on the body’s estimated proportional weight….

Health Indicators & Disparities: Overweight and Obesity

Abstract Obesity and overweight increase chances of dying from colon cancers, prostate, sleep apnea, gallbladder disease, dyslipidemia and endometrial, coronary heart disease, types two diabetes, respiratory problems as well as osteoarthritis and hypertension. The major causes of obese and overweight depend majorly on the lifestyle that in turn depends on the cultural beliefs, health behaviors…

Crippling Obesity and Misleading Food Labels

The crippling obesity epidemic has driven the attention to categorize obesity rates as a public health enemy. From healthy lifestyles to innovative ways of extreme dieting all have surfaced into popular media as people scramble to find the fastest way of reducing obesity rates. The list of factors that affect obesity can include many, but…

Nature vs. Nurture in Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is becoming a dangerous trend across the United States. “Data from 2015-2016 show that nearly 1 in 5 school age children and young people in the United States has obesity” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2019). Nature and nurture both play key roles in this ongoing issue. On the nature side, genetic…

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