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Hindu Vs Chirstian Essay (929 words)


Words: 929 (4 pages)

Joe CooperPeace StudiesProfessor Smith31 October 2000Hindu and Christian Approaches to War and PeaceAs international views on peace differ, so do opinions of different religions. Every culture has its own view on peace and how to attain it. Religious ties in most cases determine these values and laws. Two such opposing views on peace would be…

Hindu Revival Essay (4036 words)


Words: 4036 (17 pages)

Hindu revivalism remains a growing force in India today. It is also a concernamong the millions of displaced Hindus scattered around the world. Its roots liein the belief that Hinduism is an endangered lifestyle. This notion is fuelledby the political assertiveness of minority groups, efforts to convert Hindus toother faiths, suspicions that the political authorities…

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