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Hard Times Introduction Essay (700 words)

Hard times

Words: 700 (3 pages)

“A Modest Proposal”Jonathan Swift wrote this essay as a satirical proposal for the purpose of exploiting social and economic issues in a sophisticated and comic way. Its main purpose is to prevent the poor people of Ireland, particularly the children, not to be burdens on their parents and to their country and for making them…

Hard Times Utilitarianism Essay

Hard times


Words: 329 (2 pages)

In Polish farmer risked life for Jewish girl, Sally Horwitz paints a picture of how a part of her life was, during World War 2. At the age of 13, Sally and her sister Frania were selected by a Nazi S. S. man to board a cattle train. Once on the train their home and…

Hard Times by Dickens, Structu Essay

Hard times

Words: 770 (4 pages)

Hard Times by Dickens, Structure as it Relates to Plot and CharacterixationCharles Dickens presents in his novel a specific structure to expose the evils and abuses of the Victorian Era. Dickens’ use of plot and characterization relate directly to the structure on account that it shows his view of the mistreatments and evils of the…

Hard Times By Charles Dickens – Irony Essay

Hard times

Words: 757 (4 pages)

Hard Times, by Charles Dickens, was a representation of his time. Times were hard for children and adults alike. People who questioned what they were taught, often went through struggles and hard times. Eventually, the people who were looked down were the ones who really helped those in need. Throughout the book, there are many…

Hard Times: Utilitarianism Essay

Hard times


Words: 1678 (7 pages)

“Quadruped. Graminivorous. Forty teeth, namely twenty-four grinders, four eye-teeth, and twelve incisive. Sheds coat in spring…… ” A perfect example of a product of utilitarian education, Bitzer defines a horse off the top of his head in a split second. Utilitarianism is the assumption that human beings act in a way that highlights their own…

The One Thing Needful from the Hard Times by Charles Dickens Essay

Hard times

Words: 1739 (7 pages)

The One Thing Needful from the Hard Times by Charles Dickens “Hard times, published in 1854, Dickens shortest novel was not popular in its day, though it has since received critical acclaim for its rousing satire against materialism”. This is quote taken from Msn Encarta Encyclopedia. This extract is about a person who is considered…

Hard Times Critical Essay (714 words)

Hard times


Words: 714 (3 pages)

Looking at ‘Down’, consider how Dickens presents the impact that Gradgrind’s philosophy has had upon Louisa. What wider moral points is he trying to make? Dickens wrote ‘Hard Times’ in the Victorian era as a criticism of the belief in controlling and filling people with knowledge. The character Louisa in the novel bears several similarities…

Novel Hard Times Essay (821 words)

Hard times


Words: 821 (4 pages)

‘” Dickens uses this exchange to dramatise the slow but determined process of brainwashing the children. The class is divided as they answer The protagonist in Chapter 2, Cecilia (Sissy) Jupe is unlike the other characters in almost every possible way. Unlike the boy “Bitzer” (who has the name of a horse), Sissy has a…

Irony in Hard Times Essay (814 words)

Hard times

Words: 814 (4 pages)

In the novel, Hard Times, Dickens uses irony to satirise the Victorian society. To be more precise, he mainly satirises cities’ ongoing industrialism, the nature of humans as well as other things. Dickens uses the technique to ridicule, or to condemn, things he finds ridiculous or bad. In the first chapter, The One Thing Needful,…

How does Dickens present education in the novel Hard Times? Essay

Hard times


Words: 700 (3 pages)

In the novel, Dickens presents education in a very old fashioned way. Thomas Gradgrind is obsessed with teaching just facts and that people must not use their imagination. He has a school run by Mr M’Choakumchild. Mr. Gradgrind, whose voice is ‘dictatorial’, opens the novel by stating ‘Now, what I want is facts’ at his…

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