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Liberation Feminist Hermeneutics, as described Essay



Words: 4150 (17 pages)

By Elisabeth Schuessler Firoenza Hermeneutics SeminarFebruary 29/00Box #260Table of Contents I. Introduction. . p. 3 A. An Historical Overview. . p. 3-4B. An Overview of Feminist Hermeneutics. . p. 4-5VI. PresuppositionsA. Introduction and Preface to the Hermeneutics of . . p. 6Elisabeth Schuessler FiorenzaB. Scripture: Mythical Archetype vs. Historical Prototypep. 6-8C. Egalitarianism and Genderp. 8-9D….

In feminist writing Essay (759 words)



Words: 759 (4 pages)

In feminist writing, numerous techniques are employed in order to gain liberation from many stereotypical representations of women in their society. Anne Sexton uses the strategy of rewriting fairy tales, which I find most ingenious. The is because fairy tales have been what many of us have held close to our hearts, yet Sexton unveils…

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