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An Annotated Bibliography on How to Quit Smoking and the Dangers of Tobacco Smoke





Words: 474 (2 pages)

This website was quite useful for me to find tips and tricks to offer to my audience members who are looking for an honest way to kick the habit. It provides great facts, such as the symptoms to expect when you decide to quit. Not only does it provide the symptoms that occur from nicotine…

Reason on Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Argumentative Essay



Words: 903 (4 pages)

Do you know that 21 countries in the world have already  legalized marijuana for at least medical use?There are many positives to the legalization of marijuana nationally. Marijuana should be legalized nationally to help boost the economy, benefit medical patients, and match other legalized substances. First of all, marijuana sales have helped increase the economy…

Bad Habits That Might Actually Be Mental Disorders

Bad Habits

Words: 842 (4 pages)

Sometimes, seemingly innocuous behaviors can turn into obsessions. Bad habits such as nail biting or picking at scabs can be just bad habits, or they can turn out to be psychiatric issues. Good habits that normally keep us healthy, such as bathing or hand washing, can turn out to be frustrating obsessions for some individuals….

Human Nature and Bad Habits (1104 words)

Bad Habits

Words: 1104 (5 pages)

Why do some people struggle with drugs and alcohol abuse while others do not? This question has been studied extensively and researchers used to believe that drug abuse was a result of family history or the environment a person grew up in. The “nature versus nurture” issue with respect to substance abuse has been well-debated…

Bad Habits: Eating Behaviors Within Humans

Bad Habits

Words: 1419 (6 pages)

Does eating disorders born because of our eating habits or because of a stressful lifestyle? How does our diet effect our eating behavior? People might live through rough times and that effects the eating habits of an individual. For instance, if you are a college student and if you are having your finals week, you…

Is Marijuana A Solution For The Opioid Epidemic?



Words: 863 (4 pages)

An Opioid Epidemic in the United States The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently published an analysis that showed drug overdoses are the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States – surpassing even that of automobile accidents (“Opioid Addiction”). A majority of these deaths are related to prescription opiates and heroin use….

Effects of smoking 2 Essay (380 words)


Words: 380 (2 pages)

One of the most addictive and destructive, over-the-counter drugs known to modern man. One of the few legal substances available in stores that can injure or kill when used as intended. Most rational people know this as a fact, yet many continue to smoke. Some smokers know, deep in their hearts, they want to quit….

Arugementive research papermarijuana Essay



Words: 2359 (10 pages)

Thesis: Should marijuana be legalized and can it be used in positive ways? In 1937, the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act prohibited the use, sale, and cultivation of hemp/marijuana in the United States. Marijuana is a drug that is highly used through out the world. It comes from the cannabis plant. THC which stands for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol…

Marijuana10 Essay


Words: 1131 (5 pages)

In Amusing Ourselves to Death, Neil Postman alerts us to the dangers brought about by the way television conditions us to tolerate the brevity of visual entertainment. His message is that with each new technological medium introduced, there is a significant trade-off. His primary example was the medium of television. TV is structured to provide…

marijuana research Essay (930 words)



Words: 930 (4 pages)

Is it possible for an illegal drug to be deemed legal for medical purposes? Well for an illegal drug like marijuana, that is the question. There are currently eight people that use marijuana legally to suppress their illness. Marijuana should be allowed for medicinal purposes. But one of the arguments is that there are alternatives…

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What are some examples of bad habits people have?
Other Noticeable Examples Of Bad Habits
  1. Poor savings
  2. Unnecessary Excuses
  3. Living to impress others
  4. Failing to say “ No ” to things you dislike
  5. Staying in a toxic relationship
  6. Cutting corners to finish tasks early
  7. Eating all year round without a single exercise
  8. Buying things you don’t really need
  9. Procrastination
  10. Expectations
  11. Poor eating lifestyle
What would be considered bad habits?
10 Most Common Bad Habits
  1. Nail-biting
  2. Obsessive social networking
  3. Poor eating habits (stress-eating, overeating, skipping meals)
  4. Poor sleeping habits (too much sleep, too little, etc.)
  5. Poor spending habits
  6. Excessive profanity
  7. Multi-tasking
  8. Smoking
  9. Procrastination
  10. Overthinking and worrying
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