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    An Annotated Bibliography on How to Quit Smoking and the Dangers of Tobacco Smoke

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    This website was quite useful for me to find tips and tricks to offer to my audience members who are looking for an honest way to kick the habit. It provides great facts, such as the symptoms to expect when you decide to quit. Not only does it provide the symptoms that occur from nicotine withdrawal, it gives good solutions to help aid those symptoms This website gives clear advice on how to cope with the symptoms that come with quitting, It also provides a nice passage on what to do when/if smokers relapse into the habit again. This website gives solid information on the health benefits of quitting cigarettes, It provides answers to a lot of commonly asked questions in regards to smoking and the problems it can cause. In the beginning of the article it provides a list of some of the harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

    The information about secondhand smoking in this article will be of great use for me. Also, the information about the health benefits will help me tremendously in my argument. This website gives solid statistics on secondhand smoking and how many smokers there are in the US This is great information that I’m looking forward to include in my paperl This helps me speak to those who believe secondhand smoking is a myth. Nothing is better than hard facts. This website discusses the seriousness of secondhand smoking and it gives us the statistics for how many children are being affected by it.

    This website talks about all the money spent on tobacco products year round First it starts out by showing some astonishing statistics about how many billions of dollars are spent on tobacco products Then, it shows a handy chart that shows just which companies are selling the most, and it also lets us see which brand of cigarettes are selling the absolute most, Towards the bottom of the site it tells us what increasing the cigarette prices does to sales. I will definitely be including some of this information into my paper.

    This website talks about what smoking does to your physical appearance, s lot of the time, smokers aren‘t too concerned as to what smoking is doing on the inside. Maybe seeing that smoking is also affecting their looks will make them re»think buying another packl This can help me open the eyes of the people who think smoking isn’t affecting their looks, It gives pictures alongside of the problems smoking can cause It also talks about how quitting can improve your looks, It also talks about how women who smoke have a harder time getting pregnant. This could be a concern for a percentage of the millions of women who smoke and are attempting pregnancy This site gives great information and is really interesting to read.

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    An Annotated Bibliography on How to Quit Smoking and the Dangers of Tobacco Smoke. (2023, Mar 15). Retrieved from

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