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Substance Abuse and Addiction Essay

Alcohol Abuse

Drug Abuse

Words: 2012 (9 pages)

Abstract Throughout this paper we will talk about substance abuse counseling and the techniques used to help an addict overcome their addiction. We will talk about the effectiveness, goals of therapy or steps a counselor uses. We will also look at the pros and cons of each and the growth shown for the clients. We…

Substance Abuse Treatment with Clients of French Background

Alcohol Abuse

Drug Abuse

Words: 1729 (7 pages)

The information in this paper is supported by the Scholarly Journal Articles located within the Northwestern State University library Database. Substance abuse is a widely known addiction and struggle within cultures around the world. The use of substances can affect a person mentally and physically, but with the reliable sources we have it is possible…

Substance Abuse Effects on Children

Alcohol Abuse

Drug Abuse

Words: 1913 (8 pages)

Did you know that children who are exposed to substance use by their own parents have a higher chance of using themselves? Based on combined 2009 to 2017 NSDUH data, there is an annual average of 8.7 million children aged 17 or younger live in households in the United States with at least one parent…

How Does Substance Abuse in Utero Affect a Child

Alcohol Abuse

Drug Abuse

Words: 1610 (7 pages)

‘You know that we are lost when babies are addicted to drugs when they are born’- Louis Eric Barrier. Every 25 minutes, in the United States, a baby is born experiencing a dependence on some type of drug. Drinking, smoking, and recreational drug use during pregnancy has become a worldwide epidemic, harming or killing untold…

Reasons That Lead Teenagers To Alcohol Abuse And T Essay

Alcohol Abuse


Words: 598 (3 pages)

heir CausesAlcohol abuse is one of the biggest drug problems and issues facing America’s youth today. Teen alcoholism is a one of the main issues concerning almost all communities, families and schools in America today. There are three main reasons that can lead a teenager to drink alcohol without taking into consideration its causes. Stress,…

Alcohol Abuse in American Youth Essay


Alcohol Abuse

Words: 699 (3 pages)

It has been stated in each research source that hazing and particularly binge drinking is the most serious problem affecting social life, academic life, and health on college campuses today. The journal article pertaining to this issue, How Harvards College Alcohol Study Can Help Your Campus Design a Campaign Against Student Alcohol Abuse (CAS: Campus…

Alcohol Abuse Among Teenagers Essay

Alcohol Abuse


Words: 711 (3 pages)

Alcohol Abuse Among Teenagers Essay:General View:It’s very interesting that I find myself writing about something that not only is commonsense, but what is more, something that every one knows about in general but may not in particular. Alcohol use among teenagers is a serious problem and is responsible for death and injury in automobile accidents,…

The Effects of the Media on Underage Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse

Words: 727 (3 pages)

It is a major aspect of our culture and many others, being used in religious ceremonies, for celebration, and during common socialization, its presence is seen everywhere. It is alcohol. Alcohol is the broad term that society gives to such drinks as wine, beer, and hard liquor because it contains ethyl alcohol. Despite the fact…

Alcohol abuse Essay (698 words)

Alcohol Abuse

Words: 698 (3 pages)

Alcohol use on college campuses has been a hot issue for students and faculty for many years. Yet, there is still no concrete evidence as to the effects of alcohol use on college students. The perceived situation is college students binge drink and their grades are adversely affected. Is this a social norm? The question…

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholosm Issues Essay

Alcohol Abuse

Words: 694 (3 pages)

Alcohol abuse is a very dangerous condition that can cause many problems in a person’s life and affect many aspects of their lifestyle. Alcoholism, or alcohol abuse, somehow affects everyone’s life at some point in time, whether through a parent, a sibling, a friend, or personal encounters. Alcohol abuse, as a medical diagnosis, refers to…

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Complications Alcoholic liver disease, Pancreatitis (acute or chronic)
Diagnostic method Clinical history, DSM-5 criteria
Specialty Psychiatry
Symptoms Relationship difficulties, legal problems, problems at work or School, insomnia, irritability, chronic fatigue.
Treatment Contingency management, motivational interviewing, Alcoholics Anonymous meeting attendance

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How do I overcome alcohol abuse?
Use these tips to increase your chances of overcoming alcohol problems:
  • Stay positive. Quitting is more difficult if you have a bad attitude.
  • Commit fully. Sobriety isn’t something you can achieve with minimal effort.
  • Ask for help. Getting sober is hard to do on your own.
  • Have faith. When you believe sobriety is possible, you’re more likely to achieve it.
What are some facts about alcohol abuse?
Get the Facts on Alcohol Abuse
  • The Short Term Effects of Alcohol Use. The drug ethanol is more commonly called ' drinking alcohol ' or simply 'alcohol'. ...
  • Long Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse. Chronic alcohol consumption can quickly lead to a whole host of detrimental effects. ...
  • Alcohol Abuse and Dependence. ...
  • Getting Clean and Sober. ...
What are the problems caused by alcohol abuse?
Other alcohol problems:
  • Women who drink while pregnant have an increased chance of miscarriage. ...
  • Alcohol abuse and dependence also substantially increase the risk of accidents and violent behavior. ...
  • Social Problems
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