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    Football and Personal Development Essay

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    Football, in my opinion, is among one of the top sports that exists. Football has always had a positive impact on me and has enhanced the quality of my life. I’ve been in the game for about 11 years, and I can’t imagine having a better life had I not chosen to take it up as a hobby. It benefits me socially, physically and mentally. When facing the challenges that life throws at me, it basically makes everything easier and less complicated. Staying away from trouble is always hard; however, having a hobby occupies the time used to cause trouble and do bad.

    I tried out at football. I’ve always had raw talent when it comes to football. Deciding to cash in on my skill in the sport and not just waste my life made me realize how helpful this sport really was. I refused to do drugs or consume alcohol in fear of deteriorating my performance. I got really really good at the sport and my self-esteem grew. Soon after, I got ambitious. I wanted to be a professional footballer. All of my time became dedicated to football and school. There was no time for trouble. Exercising is now a habit.

    What easier way to exercise, than to do it when you’re having fun doing something you love? Playing football doesn’t even feel like a workout. It’s all fun and games, but, in fact, you’re maintaining your health and physical image simultaneously. Relieving stress and reducing depression is much easier, improving your mood and how others perceive you. Football not only exercises you physically but it also exercises you mentally. Relieving stress and reducing depression is much easier, improving your mood and how others perceive you.

    A healthy brain helps me while playing but more importantly, it also helps me academically. Playing football offers more than just the physical activities; football helps me socially too. I’m now on a team, a group of individuals, friends, which share the same goals and interests. I’ve learned how to work with others, develop teamwork and also be a leader. I’ve learned to form relationships with peers and have the opportunity to interact with people of other backgrounds, cultures and age. Ironically, every week I make new friends when we face our opponents.

    I’ve acquired emotional control and discipline and I’ve earned the respect of the community. I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence due to the respect other have for me. Football has allowed the building and development of my character. I’ve learned how to face my challenges and act mature and sensible during various situations. For example, if I’ve lost a match, I’ve learned that I must deal with the letdown of defeat, cope with my frustration, refocus and work hard to win the following match.

    I also know how to define my goals and determine the steps necessary to achieve them. Playing a sport opens the door to new experiences and offers unlimited opportunities. Since taking the sport seriously, I’ve travelled around the world for football. I’ve been to Brazil, Sweden, Las Vegas and England in order to better my skills. Because of my expertise, as well as my academic success, I’ve been granted a sports scholarship to go to college to study in my chosen field and to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional.

    Being a coach is also a possibility, and with my passion for the sport, there will also be many opportunities to pursue my coaching career. In all, I want to conclude that participation in football has benefited me throughout my 11 years. Football changed me for the better. It has increased my quality of life dramatically. Travelling the world, great opportunities, a potential career and a chance to fulfill my dream all derived from the generousity of the sport. To me, it’s not just football, it’s my way of life.

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