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    Food Insufficiency (934 words)

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    When someone states that there isn’t enough food in a region in America, everyone including myself doubts that statement, but after doing some research there is such thing of lack of food! A word that fits perfectly for a lack of healthy food in a region known as Food Insufficiency. In every state there are either as many or as little regions with food insufficiency, including my hometown Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Over the years there has been Food insufficiency in Indiana that has followed up negative outcomes with that. Those negative outcomes are the following statements and results of the health of a human being living in Indianapolis and the ratings of the city’s health percentage with food insufficiency.

    Many problems have not been resolved and so we ask ourselves, what should change to decrease the dangerous ratings of the health of a Hoosier and would bringing in fresh food change anything in Indianapolis? There are always answers to resolve these issues and many reasonings behind it to be explained of the Food Insufficiency in Indianapolis.

    There are so many percentages and numbers for every state, but the most important percentage other than marketing and money for Indianapolis are the health of their Hoosiers. The recent percentage that was researched in an article by Norman Fogle, was 57% of Hoosiers being overweight. In his article it was a simple conversation between the reporter and him himself discussing the issues of majority of every Hoosiers health.

    See, the main issue we have for many Hoosiers, mainly children lack the walk or the drive to go to a fresh food market or dine in area. Instead of eating a fresh healthy lunch or meal, a Hoosier decides to go to the nearest fast-food that is so cheap to greasy meal full of fat and unhealthy ingredients with it. This issue then leads into many Hoosiers being overweight and obese. This isn’t the only issue that is concerning, we also lack exercising.

    Instead of going out for a run or at least a long walk, we decide to just sit in the couch of a living room and binge-watch their favorite show on Netflix with a bag of potato chips. This causes so much laziness and weight gain, especially for children who should be outside with their friends riding on bikes and playing their favorite sport. Many adults don’t even bother to do at least 15 minutes of working out.

    With the lack of eating a fresh healthy brunch alongside the lack of exercising leads to being overweight and obese. This dangers a Hoosier’s health that leads to many health problems, including being diabetic, hypertension, and heart problems. In one of the articles that I have researched and is my citation, points out that the center for Diseases has a main percentage of many Hoosiers with many health problems.

    The percentage stated in that article is that 20% Indianapolis Hoosiers are obese and has jumped to at least 15% in the last decade. This states that we need to change the way we eat and the way we live out our lives to be the healthiest Hoosier a person can be. These health problems for overweight and obese people can soon lead to be the cause of death if their health doesn’t decrease those risks.

    There are many ways and options to resolve these issues if all together as a community help change these into a great benefit in a person’s health. An option that Indianapolis has had already set their foot in is connecting and bringing in companies that are all about fresh food to bring into Indianapolis. For example, a food deliveries known as the Green B.E.A.N delivery and GOTG (Garden On the Go) are deliveries of fresh healthy food being brought to any near region that doesn’t have access to fresh healthy food (Howell, Whitney LJ’s Article).

    So many great outcomes have being coming through out with the deliveries that are being brought to many Hoosiers that a Hoosier has claimed that ever since she has been getting Healthy fresh food from GOTG, her blood sugar levels have dropped and is living the healthiest life she can possibly be living, which is such an amazing outcome for someone who has a health problem. Many IU health departments and workers have and are still trying to take that food insufficiency with the unhealthiest fat food into a fresh healthy oasis region in Indiana.

    So, what should we do to decrease the ratings of health problems and overweight Hoosiers, and should bringing fresh food change the health of Indianapolis? With the help of Green B.E.A.N delivery and GOTG, we have seen great outcomes from many residents and if we continue to make fresh food organization or bringing into many fresh food companies we will bring out a HUGE decrease rating of overweight and health problems of a Hoosier living in Indianapolis. Even if that leads to a fail in a small region in Indianapolis, you can make a community food garden with the help of your community.

    I have seen many food gardens in Indianapolis and let me tell you, it is a great community garden that anyone can grab any fresh food. Indianapolis can eliminate many food deserts that have no near access to fresh food and resolve the issues that include the obese ratings and creating a better healthy environment to all those living around the area. Indianapolis can and will become an amazing oasis region in Indiana with the help of many Hoosiers.

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