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Essay on Social Work

A career as a social worker essay

Many people do not know what the concept of social work is and what a social worker is doing. Social work is intended to help a person to overcome his problems, to return his to a full-fledged life. As it turned out, there are many problems in our lives, and nobody is immune to them.

A social worker is a professionally trained specialist who, besides his professional knowledge, possesses a number of qualities: communicability, initiative, activity, persistence, responsibility, the availability of organizational abilities, and most importantly – makes awareness to help the others.

A social worker is dealing with a client who, due to difficult life circumstances, can’t independently find a common language with others, is excluded from society. The Law “On Social Services” states that under the difficult circumstances of life are those circumstances that objectively violate the normal life of a person, whose consequences he can’t overcome by his own. This may be a disability, partial loss of motor activity due to old age or state of health, loneliness, orphan hood, homelessness, lack of housing or work, violence, disrespectful and negative attitudes in the family, low income, natural disaster, catastrophe, etc. The range of clients in social work is very diverse. It may be elderly, large families, HIV / AIDS-infected people, people with disabilities, street children, orphans, gifted children, and many other people involved in the situation, usually connected with mental health.

The main rights of social workers

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The specialist should work both, with the client, and with his environment. His task is to “help a person to help himself,” to find in-person resources to overcome the problem, to see a new way of solving it. Sometimes clients are unmotivated, that is, they are not aware of the need for change, do not accept them. In such situations, a social worker must be able to convince, find a way to “get to” a person. Of course, one person can’t help everyone, because the social worker is not a superhero, he does not have supernatural abilities, he is not Robin Hood, who lives in Sherwood Forest, but just an ordinary person.

A skilled specialist does not convince people of the wrong choice they have, but only shows another way; he is ready to help those, who want to change their lives, who are ready for action.

A social worker has the right to work in state institutions (centers of assistance, rehabilitation) and non-state (social and charitable organizations, funds). It is interesting that he can independently choose the scope of his activities, customers whose problems he does not care about. However, this does not mean that the theory of social work does not take into account the requirements of a holistic vision of man, his versatile comprehension, his medical attention.

Social work has a great theoretical basis, many methods, tools, strategies of intervention in solving problems. However, only theoretical knowledge is not enough for the successful work in this area; experience plays an important role.

The object of social work is people who need outside help: the elderly, pensioners, disabled, seriously ill, children; people, who have fallen into a difficult life situation, this may include the child caught up in the situation of a bad company and many other life situations.

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Social work as a calling

Unfortunately, there is an inadequate understanding of the specifics and features of the profession of the social worker in our society. And we want to explain what social work is, and what the people who devote themselves to this profession are doing.

At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing heroic in their work – they simply help people in solving life problems. But this is not entirely the case, because the keyword in the work of a social worker is “help.” Assistance to pensioners, homeless children, orphaned children, people with disabilities, drug addicts, street children, HIV-infected people, children from “problem” families, people with disabilities, children involved in prostitution (they are much more than you think), etc.

Social work is one of those professions that support a person when there is no way out, or, more precisely, when this way can’t be found on your own. It is natural to underestimate the disaster if it does not affect you personally. Human problems and their solutions are the main vectors of social worker activity.

Social work essay

This is a hard profession, which is not suitable for everyone. Only purposeful, persistent people who are clearly aware of the importance and necessity of their work can achieve success in it. A social worker does not set the goal of being enlisted for someone else’s expense; it is important for him to fulfill his duty – to help a person, to return him to normal life.

Social work is more than a profession; it’s a lifestyle, a thorny everyday way. Some say that all this is only “waste of time,” “everything is in vain” … but these are only groundless refusals, shifting responsibility to others, not wanting people to change anything.

Social work is inseparable from society and is aimed at all its problematic spheres. Therefore, the need for social work will exist as long, as there is a society, even at the time of its best prosperity, without mentioning the society in a crisis situation.

The social worker’s job is complex, exhausting and tense. It is poorly appreciated by the state, sometimes by society. But it is incredibly interesting. It serves on the blessing. It gives hope, defending the rights of those, from whom the world has turned away, helps children to get all the best from the surrounding world. It returns to the community those people, who could not resist it. It gives life in all the meanings of this expression.

Someone measures his life in the amount of money earned under the mattress, and someone is doing good things. Everyone chooses what to do in this life. The main thing is to stay a Human in any life circumstances.


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