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    Discrimination in Gender Identity

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    My name is Arturo Salazar II, and I am a regional center consumer as a family member and college student, who resides in your district.

    Many changes have been seen in the world, especially in the country of the United States because it is a coupling of many cultures in one place which it’s causing the violation of the first amendment and discrimination to the transgender society.

    The United States is a country with laws that protect citizens against racism. Nevertheless, this type of racism and disrespect that society spreads thanks to some people not used to respect and do not know that being transgender is a completely personal decision which is protected by law under the bill of rights.

    Bearing in mind, it is clearly a national issue, which may have been changed only by the country’s government. Taking the necessary procedures so each citizen will truly be respected.

    Gender equality demands the same right to speak and express as everyone in the community. Official data has shown that the issue of gender identity has increased over the years, “… increment of LGBTQ in society attending the enrollment in jobs, schools, colleges, and social networks.” (Slate 2018). Being this recognized by people as a disrespectful form since its inception. As the years go by, LGBTQ had become more common and accepted by society and it is made known that it is a personal decision and way or living. As an example, many cases in the U.S. history have been related to transgender discrimination. Oncale v. Sundowner Offshore Servs – Sex discrimination consisting of same-sex sexual harassment is actionable under Title VII. (Supreme Justia). Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins – Discrimination against an employee on the basis of sex stereotyping–that is, a person’s nonconformity to social or other expectations of that person’s gender (Supreme Justia). Chavez v. Credit Nation Auto Sales – Chavez, an auto mechanic, filed this lawsuit for sex discrimination and alleges she was terminated because she is a transgender person. (Supreme Justia). These three cases have in common that the victim was viewed with racism and few rights to equality as they were noticed differently by society while their first amendment was not being respected.

    Comparing US and Germany, both countries are strict on discrimination bases on work areas as employment or provisions of goods and services. While a notable difference is founded when

    comparing US and Germany, discrimination protections on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation vary across Germany, while in the US it reflects the same rights and protections through the whole nation.

    At this moment, minorities are affected by the same way the other parties are. This issue is nationwide, and the problems and issues it’s a debating theme but only the important parties declares decision.

    Evidence indicates individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender (LGBT) are especially susceptible to socioeconomic disadvantages which also affects the low-social economic groups (APA).

    Even though, the American people hold positive opinions toward transgender people than negative ones. In addition, majorities of the American public believe that acceptance of transgender people has increased in society and that this is a positive development.

    The viewpoints of Republicans warned of the threat to religious freedom and argued that the measure could undermine women’s rights. On the other hand, the viewpoints of Democrats cast the decades-in-the-making move to change the 1964 Civil Rights Act as a historic step to extend protections to LGBTQ Americans, with several gay and bisexual lawmakers emphasizing the need for the bill called the Equality Act.

    In this case, this petition could be addressed and respected by the law by the Congress, House of Representatives, Senate, and State of legislatures, proceeding to make this law a true statement on the constitution. As I have presented this idea, the first thing that will happen is for a representative to sponsor this bill, which will then be assigned a committee to study it, review and research and probably make changes if they are necessary. Later of this, it will be assigned a date of Vote to proceed to approve. These votes would have to be of 218 of 435. After this, if the expected sum is obtained, the project will go to the Senate and a procedure will be assigned to another committee a new revision and a new voting date which will have to be 51 in favor of 100. Ending this procedure, a conference committee will be created composed of the members of the senate and the House, resolving the differences between the versions of each one, and thus being in a single agreement to finalize the resulting bill. The resulting bill returns to the House and Senate for its final approval. It is carried out with the interpretation of the government printing office prints made in a process called enrolling. The only way it will come true would be when the president got to sign or veto with an estimated time of 10 days to complete the enrolled bill. Also, the involvement of U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC), and the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) by taking their point of view on this issue.

    To begin with a solution, it’s important to make a movement supporting the implement of this issue to the constitution as a new protection law. As soon as this movement gets real on paper, things like discrimination and violations of freedom of speech and expression would be stricter. Employers must be aware of discrimination issues, protect employees from sexual orientation/gender identity discrimination and protect themselves from litigation. Also, the society will be accepting the new gender existed and change on their way of seeing how the laws protect and impose respect to every citizen.

    Corresponding the legislative power, the best choice for the society is on creating a voting date implementing a law that protects transgender people and thus end racism and public controversies. Work as a society and government together and ending discriminatory treatment involving gender identity issues by following the new protection law. Now days, it exists a pending legislation in order to make this official change creating a law but right now, the world and humanity are passing through a world crisis the creation of a law is not as important as society healthiness and preventing an economic collapse. See everyone as a person equal to them, move apart the segregation that is related to this topic, and creating pacific protest to express that the new people already accept themselves and that now they want to be accepted as a gender in law. This will get the representatives attention and will see the pacific and deserved change that this people are asking for.

    After all, I would like to have your approval and support so that this new protection law is approved and involvement to the U.S. constitution.



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    Discrimination in Gender Identity. (2022, Jan 28). Retrieved from

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