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    Differences and Similarities of DuBois and Washington

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    Differences and similarities of DuBios and Washington, Washington did use effective rhetorical device t back up all he’s beliefs. He really did not use he’s own personal experiences. DuBois had a huge impact on the people also, he made he’s statements persuasive and got the readers attention.They both impacted the way the ‘Negros’ and the ‘whites’ are reacting towards each other. Washington pointed out to a congressional committee that since the emancipation, blacks and whites had made advancements in race relations that they should be highlighted in an exposition, and he urged for federal support for the event, to be held in Atlanta. It also called for the whites to take responsibility for improving social and economic relations between the races. Washington did ask the whites to have trust with the blacks and for them to provide them with economic opportunities so that both races were equal.

    Washington used an allegory to inform the readers of how they should have trust within each other and grow as one. Washington also eased many whites’ fears about blacks’ desire for social integration by stating that both races could ‘be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.’ Washington’s speech also called for whites to take responsibility for improving social and economic relations between the races. The ‘part-of-a-whole’ strategy that Washington used to help create a deeper connection to the audience. Washington makes and appeal to ethos when he says that the recognition of the ‘American negro’ will do more to cement that friendship of both races. He stats that the recognition may benefit the future relationships of both races. Washington speech helps maximize the effectiveness, he’s message to the ‘Whites and Negros’.

    DuBois tries to explain that the ‘American Negro’ is a symbol of struggle. DuBois uses mostly rhetorical in the passage to pull some emotions from he’s readers. DuBois asked ‘how does it feel to be a problem’ realizing he was the problem, he believed he had to be better than the whites to be superior. DuBois argues that Washington’s approach to race relations is counterproductive to the long-term progress of the race. Washington’s acceptance of segregation and his emphasis on material progress represent an ‘old attitude of adjustment and submission.’ DuBois asserts that this policy has damaged African Americans by contributing to the loss of the vote, the loss of civil status, and the loss of aid for institutions of higher education. DuBois insists that ‘the right to vote,’ ‘civic equality,’ and ‘the education of youth according to ability’ are essential for African American progress. DuBois argues there should be a balance between the ‘standards of lower training’ and the ‘standards of human culture and lofty ideals of life.’

    In Conclusion, despite the fact of varying opinions on Washington among the different groups, DuBois believes that the way in which Washington speaks about the Negro is not helpful to African-Americans. Washington, however, accepted black inferiority. Instead of providing accolades to the black community for their efforts, Washington stated that he wanted blacks to focus on industrial education, accumulation of wealth, and the conciliation of the South. DuBois believed that someone familiar with the plight of the black man would not propose this to newly freed men. If African-Americans continued to accept their position in society, it would be impossible for them to get the respect within their own group. It would also make it difficult for the outside groups to respect them, as well.

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