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    Deja Vu Essay

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    Dj vu, this term has been around for quite awhile now, but what exactly does it mean. Many of us use this term in conversation and writing with out knowing the correct meaning of the word, or even what it truly is.

    The word ‘dj vu’ has basically become a cover-all label for any hard to explain occurrences which have an eerie and unexpected recognition, or just someone having trouble identifying the events that seem so strangely and intensely familiar. I hope my paper can help put a stop to that and give people some insight to what exactly this phenomena is. Dj vu has been mistaken for many other associations ranging from reincarnation to temporal lobe epilepsy. So many so, that the people who study it would like to do away with the term ‘dj vu’ and draw attention to the 3 more specifics forms which are: 1 Dj Vecu, 2 Dj Senti, and 3 Dj Visite.

    Being that the first to investigate these phenomena were the French, the names remain in French. First off, lets discuss Dj Vecu, which means already experienced or lived though. This can be described best in quote from Charles Dickens, “We have all some experience of a feeling, that comes over us occasionally, of what we are saying and doing having been said and done before, in a remote time – of our having been surrounded, dim ages ago, by the same faces, objects and circumstances – of our knowing perfectly what will be said next as if we suddenly remember it!” When people have this feeling mentioned above, they call it dj vu if they even know a name for it at all. One third of the population have had such or similar experiences and surveys have shown that such experiences tend to occur more frequently and more intensely in younger peoplebetween ages 15 – 25.

    In that group, the phenomenon is so striking the memory of the occurrence lasts for years. This is because these experiences don’t just involve one of the senses, like sightit also includes hearing, touch, and taste. That’s the reason it should not be referred to as simply dj vu any longer, dj vecu describes it much better. Another feature of dj vecu is that, along with amazing detail being involved, you are totally conscious that everything conforms to your memory of it when you are in the midst of the occurrence. This rules out that the person could have just read about or experienced something similar because the detail wouldn’t be so great.

    This also rules out an explanation based on reincarnation and past lives because the typical dj veca experience is of an everyday activity like grocery shopping or driving in your car listening to your favorite CD, but in a previous life those types of activities would be nothing alike because of the time factor. Modern physicists are beginning to believe the notion of time loops and multiple universes are not as farfetched as it might seem at first glance. But most are sticking with the thoughts of precognitive knowledge via visions and dreams. The next form of dj, Dj Senti means already felt. 3 key features make it very easy to distinguish between this and the other forms: A.

    Dj senti is primarily a mental happening, B. There are no precognitive aspects in which the person feels he or she knows in advance what will be said or done, and C. It seldom remains in the afflicted persons memory long afterwards. Also, dj senti can appear in the beginning of a temporal lobe epilepsy attack.

    The final form of Dj is dj visite or already visited. This occurs more rarely then other dj. This is when a person will go to a new location they have never been before, yet they still find it familiar and knows their way around completely. Dj visite has to do with the 3 spatial dimensions, height, width, and depth. To distinguish this from dj vecu you have to ask if it purely about inanimate objects and buildings or does the person play a role in the location. Some explanations for dj visite are, the person could have once read a detail account of the place and forgotten.

    Some say reincarnation could play a role in this or even an out-of-body experience allowed them to visit the place before. One more thing to mention is that a mixed occurrence of the 3 dj can occur. Now that you know there are different forms of dj and what exactly they are you can to take notice to that eerie feeling you get while waiting in line at the mall or eating out at a new restaurant. You can try to figure out if it truly is dj, or a coincidence.

    Maybe now you will believe too.Bibliography:

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