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    Decomposition: Poetry and Beggar Look Essay

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    Choose a poem which a person’s experience. Explain hoe the poetic techniques to describe the experience make the poem more interesting. Decomposition Is a poem written Cultivar Chose. His poem Is about a photograph of a beggar in Bombay. The poet talk about his first though of when he was taking they photo and know the poem is reflects on why he thinks the photograph was bad.

    He is able to get experience more visual with the use of poet techniques. The techniques the uses in the first stanza is simile about how the beggar look in Bombay. : “His shadow thrown aside like a blanket”. This description of the beggar suggests poverty and that beggar lives on the street, also that no one one cared about the beggar, as he was “thrown aside” suggesting discarded and not used any more.

    From the Simile and the word choice this makes the poem more Interesting as we have a feel for the beggar situation and that he is being treated very badly and not like a human beginning In the second stanza the poet talks about the beggar appearance. : “Arms and legs loud be cracks in the stone” This metaphor creates the image that the beggar is very thin and broken as the crack in stone suggest that he is very small and can fit in it and that the stone has been broken and the stone is a symbol of the beggar.

    The beggar has been homeless for a long time as It’s the, “ants Journeys, the flies’ descents”. The beggar is use by and flies this suggests that the beggar hasten moved in a long time and give the sense of him being dead or dirty as insects like dead or dirty things. This give the poem a sad idea of the beggar that will keep the reader Interested as he wants know If the beggar get treated better by society. The poet uses a metaphor to explain and give the visual image of the beggar as, “he lies veined into the street, a fossil man”.

    This technique makes the reader symmetric for the beggar, as they know that the man (beggar) has become euthanized. The idea vein In to stone shows that the beggar has been reduce to stone and that the once lived as he is know a fossil reminding us that there was a life there once. The poet has used enjambment in the third stanza. : ” Behind him there is a crowd an old man asleep on the pavement”. The long sentence shows that crowd passing him Like there Is nothing there and the since there is no full stops this show that there is no one stopping at the beggar.

    The poet has made the poem more interesting for the reader as he giving the since that the beggar is visible and that know cares for him as they don’t want t help him. In the forth stanza flirts the reader thought the photo was a goof idea but after revisiting the photo he know understands what he did wrong. “l thought it them a suffering and not about exploiting money and satisfaction from someone’s suffers and misfortune. The poet shows his feelings towards what he thinks about the beggar with his word choice you can see how bad he feels. : “Glibly’.

    As it shows that the poet regrets his comment on the photo as he know become aware of the crowd not paying him any attention to his suffering and that he want to make art from someone’s suffering and hunger. In the last stanza the poet talks about the emotion he felt as he felt guilty about thinking picture of the beggar. : “Weeping into a pillow chides me now for my presumption”. The poet is distraught over the photo and the word, “Glibly’ has annotations of reprimand this how that the poet was expressing his disapproval of taking the photo.

    This make the reader more interested about the poem as they know might feel they have a connection with the poet as they feel they know him and feel for him with but know taking the photo was fro the use of the writer techniques. Decomposition is a poem which the writer uses poetic techniques to interest the reader and have more influence over them with his message as think about something before doing it and that his techniques have made me want to read more of his poem as Decompositions was very engaging.

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