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    Darwin’s Natural Selection Essay

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    In our modern society, many people believe in many different ideas. On the one side, some people believe that God created the world. Science however uses different ideas to support the idea that Darwin is famous for called Natural Selection, which is basically evolution. Every society has a different idea of where man came from. It is important to understand where man came from because that is one of the goals of science and anthropology.

    If we all understand that we all evolved the same, and are still possibly evolving then the different races of humans might better understand each of the other races. It is also important so that we understand the path of our own evolution, so that we can understand the future of our species and so that we don’t become extinct. Lastly, it isimportant so that we can understand our behavior, in other words, that way that we act. In this essay I will show that the majority of evidences supports the idea of evolution.

    The idea that Darwin had when he came up with his theory. I believe that Darwin’s idea best describes how things evolved, and may still continue to evolve. In a scientific study of genes it was proven that evolution occurs. As defined by Webster’s dictionary, evolution is “descent of organisms by modification,” In other words, evolution is the changing of organisms. This is best understood in a hypothetical situation.

    If there is an organism X and it evolves into organism Y, both occupy different niches. Organism X eats only small seeds and organism Y eats large seeds. If the environment changes, and say acid rain wipes out all of the big seeds then only organism Y will be able to survive. This is an example of a genetic bottleneck, a reduction of genetic diversity. In another study of moths, there are black moths and white ones. In the Industrial revolution, the trees became black with soot and only the blackmoths could survive, because the white moths were eaten.

    This is evidence for evolution, as is the case of the donkey and horse, they only produce mules, which are not fertile. This shows that different species cannot interbreed, that is they cannot exchange genes (also known as gene flow). The fossils of early man, the Australopithecus, show that it was inbetween a man and an chimpanzee. In a study, scientists showed that this proves that we evolved from chimpanzees. The early man also made stone tools. This proves three things.

    1. That they were intelligent. 2. That early man hunted.

    3. Olduwan tools were made by Homo habilis, a human ancestor. In conclusion, the fossil records, genes and moths show that Darwinian evolution is occurring. He did not know everything, and couldn’t exact explain everything, but he basically had the right idea. Both micro an macro evolution produced the great array of organism that we can see today, even ourselves.

    I my essay I have explained these ideas best explain how we (Homo sapiens) evolved, and with a better understandingmight be able to predict the future of our species.Words/ Pages : 536 / 24

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