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    Darren Heath Essay (390 words)

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    Simon, a character in the novel “Lord of the Flies” written byWilliam Golding is brave, helpful, shy, dependable, and quiet. Simon is brave.

    Simon demonstrates himself to be brave over and overthroughout the novel. He shows this bravery by going into the jungle,numerous times, by himself and having no way of defending himself ifanything happens. He also leaves the “group” (in chapter seven) and goesand tells Piggy that the “group” will not be back by dark, this is done allby himself again with no way of defending himself if anything shouldhappen. Simon also proves himself to be brave by facing the Lord of theFlies and telling that it was only a pig head on a stick.

    Simon continuesto demonstrate that he is brave numerous times throughout the novel. Simon is helpful. He shows his ability to help his fellow man bybeing the only one who helps Ralph build the shelters. Also, instead offighting with the “group” (in chapter seven) he leaves to go and tell Piggythat the group will not be back by dark. Definitely, these actions showthat Simon is helpful.

    Simon is also shy. He clearly demonstrates this throughout the novel. He does not like to speak in front of people on the island. Also, he isusually by himself and likes to be alone. He continues to demonstrate thathe is shy by wanting to be alone. Simon is very dependable.

    He defiantly demonstrates this by being theone who was working on the shelters, usually by himself, and never givingup even though nobody else, but Ralph, helps him. Also he is there whensomeone needs something done, and volunteers to do the job. Defiantly, heshows that he is dependable and wants to help others. Simon is quiet. He shows that he is quiet throughout the novel by notspeaking in front of the group, and when he does he speak he speaks veryquietly and shyly. He never yells or challenges anyone.

    He also goes intothe jungle and does not talk or do anything. This all shows that Simon isquiet. Simon is a very complex character with a number of differentpersonality traits. He is clearly complex by demonstrating himself to bebrave, helpful, shy, dependably, and quiet.

    These traits are in contrast tothe traits found in most of the other characters in the novel. This maybethe reason why the other boys killed him.

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