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    Da Nang And Hue in My Heart Essay

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    I was born in Quang Ngai city, but my parents met each other when they came from Da Nang city and Hue city. Indeed, I feel very excited because every member in my family was born in three differences places, so it is very interesting for me to learn about. Every year, I always visit my two lovely places where I was raised when I was a child, and my grandparents feel very happy when I meet them on New Year’s Day.

    Da Nang and Hue are both cities that have changed in many different ways from 1995 to 2015, so it is very interesting hearing my parents tell me what things happened during these years. First of all, my father was born in Da Nang city, so I want to talk about the investment of the government in Da Nang city in the past twenty years. Today, Da Nang city is a big city which was built as a large port in the middle of Viet Nam, so it was developed very well by the government at that time. Since 1997, Da Nang became municipal in Viet Nam, so it has made many changes in a positive direction. For over ten years, the visitors around the world were increased for traveling through Da Nang international airport, so the government always encourages the city to develop more in many different aspects.

    For examples, Da Nang International Airport is being invested to upgrade totaling eighty-four million dollars by 2012 with the capacity to welcome four million passengers per year (“About”). It is a good transformation for this city because in the past, the port was very small and infamous at that time, so it is amazing for the growing fast of this city and its bright future. In addition to developing the investment of Da Nang, the landscape of the city also attracts people from everywhere with one of the best beaches in the world. In fact, My Khe beach was not popular in 1995 because Viet Nam wasn’t a well-known country in the world, and everybody really didn’t know much about Da Nang. My father clearly remembers that he didn’t see anybody go to the beach at that time because it did not attract people with the beautiful landscape. Not many people lived near beaches, so many Vietnamese denied going to My Khe beach.

    However, the government has made an effort to spread the very beautiful beach to the world, and everybody is now attracted by its natural beauty. For instance, “today My Khe beach is one of Asia’s prettiest and most historic, with yellow sand stretching for almost 20 miles, and traditional round woven boats one of the best ways to ride the waves” (“My”). This is the best comment about it, so many tourists can’t wait to see and set foot in the very special sand of this land. Moreover, the rise of many gorgeous hotels and resort plazas is very successful for this city, so many investors now realize a good chance for their business in tourism. I feel very proud of my father’s native land, so he can show me more about his favorite land.

    Moreover, I also like my mother’s city because the status of her city is very different and lively compared to other cities. I always love to listen to my mother’s saying when she was still a young lady, so it is very surprising when she comes back to her land after twenty years of living in another city. For examples, the Hue Bridge is very attractive and graceful nowadays because it was rebuilt and fixed for more better than the past, but she still remembers how bad of this bridge had been through the war was. I feel very excited and really want to visit it once times because it was designed and constructed by the French Resident Superior in Central Vietnam – Lévesque- assigned Eiffel of France (Hue’s).

    It is so amazing and surprising to me because many fights have destroyed this bridge many times, but it is still very firm and undefeated. Furthermore, Hue is also my mother’s favorite place because she enjoys talking about her growing city. However, “Poetic Hue, dreamy and romantic Hue, Hue – city of two World Heritages” (“Hue”) is one of the many comments about the beauty of this city, so I still remember that many things were very different from now. The Emperor Citadel is one of the biggest places that I really like because many years ago it was very ugly and old since 1995, but after five years, this place is really attractive and gorgeous.

    I couldn’t imagine it if I had only heard about it from my mother’s sayings, so it is very hard to deny the beauty of this place. For instance, “being one of Vietnam’s seven UNESCO World Heritages sites” (“Hue”) is very proud for Vietnamese, so Hue used to hold many concerts in the front of The Emperor Citadel. It attracts many travellers from all over the world, and the popularity of this event will increase every day and everywhere. Many places and streets are decorated by the culture of many years, so it feels very exciting and unbelievable. Finally, I would like to introduce the Festival Hue which is prepared and starts every two years in April, so it is the best cultural of Hue city. The first event was organized and arranged very small and unprofessional because in the year of 1992, Vietnam wasn’t still developed and affiliated in the area and the whole world, so it was an insignificant event and trivial at the time.

    After many years of improvement and reconstruction, the new face of the event was created and showed to many Vietnamese and friends from all over the world, so the standard of organization board was spread out and higher than old times. For example, to celebrate the 8th Hue Festival 2014 was held from 12th to 20th April 2014 with the theme “Integration and Development for Culture and Heritages” (“8th Hue”), so there were many concerts and parades following that big event. The best show of the 2014 festival was the Artistic Firework at the Hue Festival Finale (“Tony”), so it was the emotional unforgettable night before the conclusion of the show. In conclusion, there are many changes in both cities based on the twenty past years, but it is very good for many people because it extremely important for life every day. Indeed, people always try to make their lifestyle better, so it’s a bad feeling if we see that the place doesn’t exist anymore.

    Besides, I will take any pictures whenever I go, and save them in an album for my experiences traveling. In these two cities, the emotion of feeling about the city will absolutely impact my memory very much, and I will never forget every experience. The most interesting thing about me is I always try to travel to two places, so it is a very good and wonderful adventure for me.



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