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    Customer service Chapter 1 and 2 Essay

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    Chapter 1 Review Questions. 1 . Service is the manner in which you and other employees treat your customers and each other as you deliver your company’s deliverables. 2. In the past when many people worked on the farms, small artisan and business owner provide customer service to their neighbors. Many small towns and villages had their own blacksmith, general stores, barbershop, and similar service oriented establishments owned and operated by people living in the town.

    For people living in more rural areas, peddlers of kitchenware, medicine, and other goods made their way from on location to nother location to serve their customers and distributed various products. 3. Businesses have changed dramatically as the economy has shifted from a dependence on manufacturing to a focus on providing timely quality service. The development of international quality standard by which effectiveness is measured in many multinational organizations.

    Because of the multinational nature of the business, many companies choose to use outsourcing customer service function. 4. Following are some of the causes of the changing business environment in recent decades: Global economic shifts Shifts in the population and labor force Increased efficiency in technology Deregulation of many industries Geopolitical changes Increase in the number of white-collar workers More women are entering the workforce A more racially and ethnically diverse population is entering the workforce More older workers entering the workforce Growth in e-commerce 5.

    Company culture includes the dynamic nature if the organization and encompasses the values and beliefs that is important to the organization and its employees and manager. The experience, attitudes, and norms cherished and upheld by the employees and teams within the organization set the tone and manner n which service is delivered and how service providers interact with both internal and external customers. 6. During the hiring process, a thorough screening process will be likely used to identify skills, knowledge, and aptitudes.

    Without motivated, competent worker, any planning, policy, and procedure change or system adaptation will not make a difference in customer service. 7. Quality and quantity are two factors related to an organization’s products or deliverables that can lead to customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction. 8. When organization selects a delivery method for roducts and services, organizations examine the following factors.

    Industry standards Customer expectation Capabilities Costs current ana projected requirements 9. The six key components of a customer service environment are: 1 . The customer 2. Organizational culture 3. Human resources 4. Products/deliverables 5. Delivery systems 6. Service 10. Many organizations are changing to learning organizations, because systems and processes are continuously examined and updated. Learning from mistake, and adapting accordingly, is crucial for organization’s success. Search it out

    Listing of Books on topics introduce in this chapter A Guide to Customer Service Skills for the Service Desk Professional Customer Service and Professionalism: Twenty-five Successful, Professional Women Share Their Powerful Tips for Image, Attitude, and Behavior in the Workplace Customer Service for Professionals in Health Care Customer Tells: Delivering World-Class Customer Service by Reading Your Signs and Signals Invisible Profits: The Power of Exceptional Customer Service Perfect Phrases for Customer Service, Second Edition Sales and Service for the Wine Professional Survival Spanish for Customer Service

    The Compassionate Geek: Mastering Customer Service for I. T. Professionals Winning the Professional Services Sale Three companies that I believe have adapted a positive customer service 1 . BMW 2. Toyota 3. General Motors Face to Face 1. I think I have people skill; I try to explain the thing in a way they can understand without using technical terms. 2. What are my limitations, when dealing with customer complaints? Will I have access to all the tools I need to do my Job effectively? Will you be available if I have any questions? 3. If a customer ask for a service that PackAll does not provide.

    I would say, “Sorry ustomer, we do not provide the specific service you are asking, however we have this service which is comparable to the service you are asking. Would you be interested to look into? ” Chapter 2 1 . A service environment made up of various factors, including the values, beliefs, norms, rituals and practices of a group of organization. 2. Management sets the vision or tone and direction of the organization. Without a clearly planned and communicated vision, the service ethic ends at the highest levels. This is often a stumbling block where many organizations falter because of indecision or dissension at the upper echelons. . To be successful in providing superior service to external and internal customer, employees’ role and expectations must be clearly defined and communicated in terms of realistic, understandable, measurable, believable, and attainable. Employees’ goal must be realistic to the Job function. Goals might need some m001Tlcatlon IT t I Is unreallstlc. Employee must nave a good unaerstan01ngoT the performance goal. If questions or doubts exist about a goal or role in accomplishing it, make sure to clarify your understanding with a supervisor or team leader. This may impact professional opportunities and personal earning potential.

    Employees’ performance is measured, factors such as time, productivity, quantifiable results, revenue, and manner of performance are used to determine accomplishment of goals. It is employees’ responsibility to be sure that he/she knows the acceptable level and do best to perform that level. For any goal to be attained, it must be believable to the people who will strive to reach it and to the supervisors or team leaders who will monitor it. If employees are given assignments that are contrary to the ultimate purpose or mission and overall values or beliefs of the organization, this an create confusion on what is important. . Organizations’ policy and procedure have direct impact on the customer’s impression of customer service. Many customers negatively meet organizational culture directly then a service provider hides behind “company policy’ to handle a problem. The goal should be to respond to policy customer requests and satisfy needs as quickly, efficiently, and cheerfully as possible. Anything less is an invitation for criticism, dissatisfaction, potential customer loss, and employee frustration. 5. As a service provider, I should ask following questions to clarify my role : Who is my customer?

    What am I currently doing, or what can I do, to help achieve organizational excellence? Do focus all my efforts on total customer satisfaction? Am I empowered to make the decisions necessary to serve my customer? If not what level of authority should I discuss with my supervisor? Are there policies and procedures that inhabit my ability to serve the customer? If so, what recommendations about changing policies and procedures can I make? When was the last time I told my customer that I sincerely appreciated their business?

    In what areas of organizational skills and product and service knowledge do I need additional information? 6. Some indicators that a company has customer-friendly system in place are: Advertising campaigns should send a message that products and services are competitive in price and that the quality and quantity are at least comparable to those of competitors, The customer’s complaints or issues are handled can signal the organization’s concern for customer satisfaction. Direct and indirect contact is important because it affects staffing numbers, costs, technology, scheduling, and many other factors.

    There is a delicate balance in selecting a service delivery system. This is because every customer is unique and has personal preference. Companies also use third-party delivery system to provide better service to their customer. 7. Some of the tools used by organizations to measure their service culture are: Employee focus group Employee opinion surveys Customer focus groups Mystery shoppers Customer satisfaction survey Customer comment cards Profit and loss statements or management report Employee exit interviews Walk tnrougn au01t On-site management visits Management inspections 8.

    Some strategies for helping promote a positive customer culture are: Explore your organization’s vision Help communicate the culture and vision to customer daily Demonstrate ethical behavior Identify and improve your customer skills Become an expert on your organization Demonstrate commitment Partner with customers Work with your customer’s interest in mind Treat vendors and suppliers as customers Share resources Work with, not against, your customer Provide service follow-up 9. Average organizations can be separated from excellent ones by determining what type of service environment exists: Executives spend time with the customers.

    Executives spend time talking with frontline service providers. Customer feedback is regularly asked and acted upon. Innovation and creativity are encouraged and rewarded. Benchmarking is done with similar organizations. Technology is widespread, frequently updated, and used effectively. Training is provided to keep employees current on industry trends, organizational issues, skills, and technology. Open communication exists between frontline employees and all levels of managements. Employees are provided with guidelines and empowered to do whatever is necessary to satisfy customer.

    Partnership with customers and suppliers are common. The status quo is not acceptable. 10. Following are some typical things that customer wants: Personal recognition Courtesy Timely service Professionalism Enthusiastic service Empathy Patience Search it out Provide support and safeguards for Florida Hospital, investigators, research team members, research subjects, and data to ensure integrity of research at Florida Hospital” Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

    Our mission is to fulfill the automotive and commercial truck rental, leasing, car sales and related needs of our customers and, in doing so, exceed their expectations for service, quality and value. The USAA toucatlonal Younaatlon offers you tne opportunlty to De netter InTormea ana repared to make the best choices through every stage of life.

    Our extensive library of free educational materials provides credible and useful information that speaks to a variety of subjects and provides you with educational information that’s objective, relevant and usable ED’s mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access Yes there are shared values and belief evident in the different mission statements. Customer service Willingness for improvement Provide multiple options As a customer/client, I do feel the organization values me.

    Because, if customer is not there to buy their product/service, they will not have any reason to do on what they do. Yes, the focus of each types of organization seems to differ between types of organization. Government organizations typically do not put lots of emphasis on customer, because the customer does not have any other option. Non-profit organization seems to focus on wellbeing of target customer. Profit organization, they seems to have attractive mission to promote their product or services. 2. http://blog. spoken. com/2010/10/cost-of-acquiring-a-new-customer-6-to-7-times- more-than-keeping-exisiting. ml http://iterativepath. wordpress. com/2013/02/03/it- costs-6-7-times-more-to-acquire-new-customers-over-retaining-existing-ones/ Face to face 1 . Yes there are indicators of United Bookseller’s services culture. They provide extensive customer service training before being allowed to interact with customers. They care about customer satisfaction 2. I would follow organization’s server culture to provide the service customer was getting before and suggest the need of improvement if there is any. 3. I would expect the service they are known for. Because that is why I am there as a customer.

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