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    Cyber Crime Effecting E-commerce Technology

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    In today’s world market perception has gone a drastic change. Thanks to internet and security protocols that are making physical market trends to obsolete as everybody is adopting and shifting to digital marketplace. The biggest reason behind this is accessibility to global markets and increase in effectiveness of businesses. But nothing comes without any flaws so is our E-Commerce. It is also having some infirmities. Cyber Crime is the biggest problem for the ecommerce world. Cybercrime act as a barrier in the success of online business industry. It is also called Computer Crime because doing online transactions using computer is used as an instrument for executing illegal tasks such as committing frauds, trafficking in intellectual property, stealing identities or privacy being violated. This paper draws out awareness to various causes of Cyber Crimes, problems faced and prevention for the same. Paper also studies how cybercrime perception affect the user’s interest to go for online commerce.

    Key words: Cyber Crime, E-commerce, E-Business


    E-commerce or Electronic Commerce also known as Internet Commerce refers to buying or selling of goods and services with the help of Internet, not only this but transfer of money or data to accomplish number of transactions. No offs, no time limits, no distance barriers in today world commerce is getting its new definition. It has been now transforming from physical market to electronic and mobile commerce. It is providing an easy way for doing not only shopping but number of other transactions in a very easy and suited way, anywhere anytime i.e.24*7 by just a one click away. All bank and financial institutions are moving towards setting up their setups and mobile formats to mitigate the online transactions. Number of immense players in e-shopping like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Myntra have established new blueprints for doing shopping. E-commerce comes in different types based on the transactional relations between customers and businesses like retail, wholesale, Drop shipping, Crowdfunding, Subscription, digital products and services etc. As of now E-Commerce is said to be one of the fastest growing industry in global economy. Though ecommerce has become part and parcel of todays everyone individual life’s, but it is proving to be one of the dangerous aspect of one’s life as there are more chances of security breach and cybercrimes.

    As we are doing number of transactions online, it has become the source of crime because lots of confidential information being shared, bank related and monetary transfers are being done which attracts the cyber criminals for violating the security. All firms are going online there by increasing their technical base without inspecting the huge risk associated with the same.Cyber criminals can exploit these most important data and can do so much damage for an organization that e-commerce can end up by shutting down.

    Internet Uprising

    India being ranked the second largest online market in the world after China with 560 million internet users. With Revolution came in smart phones has uplifted the internet use and e-commerce vogue in India. This is because e-commerce offers number of unique advantages as it gives number of opportunities to different kinds of businesses to expand their business exponentially. It has a global reach which will otherwise be not possible with physical markets. It has other advantages to business that is freeing them from the office space, investment and travelling time also. Internet is a boon and acting as a connecting link between the supply sources and demand. This rapid growth is mainly because of huge advancements in technology and high-speed wireless networks availability.

    The above data shows the digital buyers becomes almost doubles in 2018 and estimates that the number of users will be reaching almost 623 million by the end of this year which is a huge number. The data shows that almost 97 percent of users are going for mobile phones to access the internet and various e-commerce activities. Increasing bandwidth availability, flexible and variety of data plans and number of awareness programs by government has bridged the digital gap among rural and urban India that can be seen in the table above. But it comes with the problem of security of online transactions

    Cyber Crime and Criminals

    Cyber Crime is a crime which uses computer and internet as an object to enact illegal tasks. While most of the cyber-crimes are performed by criminals to gain benefits but some of them are executed mainly to disable and damage computer or network of computers with some infectious programs know as viruses. Not only this they gain access to confidential organization information, personal information, government important information, credit card or other payment related data and use them for unfair means and sell them for their profits. In today’s world of digital age our identity information is the most essential part of our day to day life. So, cybercrime is generally related to digital data and the persons performing these activities are said to be Hackers. These hackers are using very modern and innovative ideas to perform cyber-attacks while on the contrary avoiding their detection and arrest. Hackers uses well equipped software for achieving their goals, but social engineering is said to be their important component. Cybercrimes are basically categorized as follows:

    Data Offence

    Data Alteration

    Privacy while establishing connection between the two parties is important to make sure that the data being transmitted is not get tampered in transit. Connecting through internet brings the chances of computer crime being conducted by the third party when the data is exchanged. In this attack unauthorized user modify the data being transmitted by gaining access to it illegally.

    Data Stealing

    As the name says data is stealed by unauthorized users which includes confidential data, personal data, government information, credit card information, passwords, organization secret information. In this information is being copied in an illegal way without the knowledge of user which comes under a big crime. Phishing named as Email spoofing which include links to number of admissible looking websites which steals your confidential and secret information.

    Data Ambushing

    In this the attacker detects the torrent of data being transmitted from one end to other to gather information which can be used later. Data collection is the main objective of this attack.

    Network Misdeeds

    In this network is being tempered like deleting, damaging, altering, suppressing, defacing the data being exchanged. Botnets are the computer networks that are managed by remote hackers. Remote hackers take these botnets as the medium to attack on other computers in networking.

    Gaining Crime

    In this attack hackers gains unauthorized access to confidential data with the help of number of exploit kits which are the ready-made tools bought by hackers online. In this attack we also discuss viruses which are computer programs that attaches themselves to system files to corrupt or replicate themselves to transmit to other computers on networks to disrupt the operation going on and damage data stored.

    Email Bombing and Spamming

    In this large number of emails are send to target address which results in crashing of its account. The mails are too big to handle and consumes a large amount of network resources resulting in denial of service attack.

    Web Jacking

    In this hacker takes control on others website illegally. The owner lost the control on his website and attacker use the unauthorized accesses website for its own profit gains. They not only change the content of genuine website but redirects the user to the fake website which is now owned by the attacker.

    Cyber Criminals

    They are the persons that attacks our computer system and crash them by adopting any of the above methods. They include an individual or a group of people who perform these attacks for their financial and personal gains. They are of the following types:

    • Hackers: It refers to an individual who uses their technical knowledge to have an unauthorized access to network of systems or data.
    • Stalkers: They are the people who intentionally observe the activities of their victim to get hold of their private data. These types of crimes are generally conducted through social media daises.
    • Discontented Employees: Employees of an organization can also become hackers if they are unsatisfied with their job. They perform cybercrime by attacking their organizations system.
    • Script Kiddies: These attackers use the already made hacking programs and go through them thoroughly so that they can reuse them by making slight changes according to their convenience.
    • Phishers: They are the cyber criminals whose main motive is to steal the personal or sensitive information related to an individual. They create the copy of the original website and users fall prey to such activities and share their important information. Such sites also spoil the reputation of organization which leads to decrease in revenues.
    • Commercial Groups, Insiders, Advanced Persistent Threat Agents etc.

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