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    Creating a Society Full of Kindness

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    Kindness according to The Oxford Dictionary means “The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate“ but However Kindness to me means to conduct oneself to everyone in a way that you would like to be treated. It doesn’t seem important who the person is, how they appear. You also shouldn’t need a reason to be kind to others. Kindness will come characteristically after being seasoned lot with it.

    I feel that Kindness is Something that We are sent to spread. We CANNOT I stress CANNOT accomplish anything in life Without Kindness. We may be able to become big businessmen or engineers but the most essential thing in life is Respect that can be acquired only by being kind…In a BIG BAD WORLD like this, the only thing that can save humanity is by being kind. We can’t expect anyone to TEACH us Kindness, Kindness is something to be touched and felt not something to be taught.

    One of the ways we could have a “kinder society” is by letting people express their opinion or disagreeing about a certain Situation. We can’t expect everyone to have the same mentality. God created us to be different from each other. If he had wanted a particular mentality, I don’t think he would have created so many of us. We don’t always have to get offended by people, They might be helping us at that particular moment. We might not feel it at that point but we sure will be thankful in the later on stages. Another way that I feel is crucial to create a kinder Society is By first Modifying our thinking. We should be affectionate and amiable to everyone irrespective of their caste, their appearance, their color. We don’t always have to Donate to charity to offer Kindness, a simple SMILE is enough to win anyone’s heart.

    The first and foremost Act of Kindness is NEVER DUMP YOUR FRIENDS. This is one of the mistakes I have done Recently and I am very Unhappy about it. Choices in Life are somethings that cannot be changed and I have realized it a bit late These decisions depict our future. No matter how much I want to I can’t bring my Friend back, Due to the ego developing between us…Another Act of Kindness is By helping Physically Disabled people. This is another incident that occurred with me at the Airport. There was this lady sitting beside me who was probably traveling to France. The lady had dropped her bag. I instantly went and helped her I didn’t expect anything in return But I received something that was really very precious A SMILE!! Yes, that’s right a smile that really gave me a kick. I want others to feel the same kick.

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