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    Cooking With Coconut Milk (852 words)

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    Those who are not enthusiastic about Asian cuisine will probably walk past the Asia shelf in the supermarket without looking. But he also misses the cans with the delicious coconut milk. Who believes that coconut milk is only for passionate lovers of Asian food, was far from lacking! Even at breakfast, the delicious milk can be used. The cereal tastes with coconut milk, not Asian, but only receives an interesting, nutty aftertaste.

    The tasty coconut milk can also be used for the second breakfast or a small snack in between. Because even the smoothie with pineapple and mango can be wonderfully rounded off with the milk from the coconut . At lunch, a delicious coconut ice cream is served for dessert. At the coffee party, guests will be delighted with the coconut cake, and in the evening, the coconut milk cocktail will simply be delicious.

    Anyone who appreciates the Asian cuisine, of course, can use the lactose-free milk from the tropical nut even more frequently in the kitchen. There are vegetarian dishes in which the shot of coconut milk provides the right pep. And with meat or poultry dishes, the coconut milk together with the typical spices gives the desired Asian touch.

    Tips for Cooking With Coconut Milk

    Coconut milk is thicker than cow’s milk. It has a creamy consistency and a slightly sweet, nutty taste. It is ideal for dishes with poultry or fish. Of course, it can also be used with vegetable dishes or pork. The milk of the coconut softens the sharpness of chili or curry paste.

    Coconut milk should not be cooked too strong or too long, otherwise it will clot. On a light flame, however, it may carefully simmer in front of you, or it is attached to the end and boiled only once. Because the canned coconut milk is not always a homogeneous liquid, the can should be shaken well before opening. Spices that blend beautifully with coconut milk include: curry, cumin, coriander, lemongrass, turmeric and curry paste.

    Cooking Vegetarian With Coconut Milk

    With coconut milk you can prepare delicious vegetable dishes, create tasty fruit salads or conjure exotic soup. A special treat, for example, is the tomato soup with coconut milk : For this, a small onion is slightly sweated in a little olive oil.

    It is infused with 650 grams of canned tomatoes, 200 milliliters of vegetable stock and 320 milliliters of coconut milk. In addition, there are three teaspoons of fresh coriander leaves, which were minced. Now the Mixtab is pureed to give the soup a consistent consistency. And then the cream soup is seasoned with salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar. It is allowed to simmer on a low flame for about 10 minutes before being served. Decorated with a fresh coriander leaf.

    Cooking With Coconut Milk and Curry

    Poultry dishes prepared with curry and coconut milk are particularly fresh and summery. For example, a delicious Asian dish is a chicken curry with coconut milk and mango cubes :

    For this, a small onion is diced and lightly browned together with 500 grams of chicken breast – also diced – in a high pan with a little oil. Then season with a tablespoon of curry, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of fresh grated ginger, two to three lemon zests and a pinch of coriander or a few fresh, chopped coriander leaves. A mango is peeled and gutted and then diced to match the size of the chicken breast cubes.

    The mango cubes also come into the pan and everything is infused with 300 milliliters of vegetable or chicken broth and 300 to 400 milliliters of coconut milk. The chicken curry should simmer gently on a low flame for about 10 minutes until it has a creamy consistency. Then it is ready to serve. Rice is enough. Can be decorated with a few coriander leaves.

    Baking With Coconut Milk

    If you love the chocolate bar with coconut flakes, you will also like a chocolate-flavored cake with coconut. Quick and easy to prepare is the Nutella sponge cake with coconut milk . You will need 200 grams of margarine, 150 grams of sugar and a packet of vanilla sugar that is mixed well with the hand mixer.

    Four eggs are separated. The egg whites are beaten to stiff snow and set aside. The egg yolks are gradually stirred under the fat-sugar mixture. Then, 200 milliliters of coconut milk are also mixed under the dough and 375 grams of flour and a small packet of baking powder are mixed and carefully added. Now the egg whites are lifted and the dough is halved. One half is put into a well greased, box form.

    150 grams of Nutella are stirred under the other half. Then the dark half of the dough comes in the box shape and with the help of a fork, a spiral pattern is drawn. The box shape is pushed at 150 degrees in the preheated convection oven on the middle rail and allowed to bake for about 60 minutes. (Try with a wooden stick, if no dough sticks, then the cake is ready.) The hot cake is decorated with grated coconut, or the cooled cake can be dusted with cocoa.

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