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    Content Analysis : Using Content Based On The Impressions Of A Reader

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    The researcher selected the 10 samples for analysis purpose from the month of June 2103 to month of July 2014. (1) 2013 – June, (2) 2013 – July & August, (3) 2013 – September & October, (4) 2013 – November, (5) 2013 – December & 2014 January (6) 2014 – February & March, (7) 2014 – April, (8) 2014 – May (9) 2014 – June (10) 2014 – JulyThe content analysis is a method. The content has different aspects for summarising any form of the content by counting. This analysis helps a more neutral evolution than comparing content based on the impressions of a reader. For example, an impressionistic summery of a magazine review it is an evaluation.

    The content that is analysed can be in any form to begin with, but has often converted into written words before it is analysed. The original source can be printed publications, broadcast programmes, other recordings or live situations. All this content is something that people have created. You cannot do content analysis of (say) the weather – but if somebody writes a report predicting the weather, you can do a content analysis of that.

    The number of Magazines fluctuate as do the number of readers and people of the Diocese to increasing accordingly . The Magazine revenue generated by the readers to buy their Magazine. Moreover, almost all are the readers all represents to the members of the diocese of the Dornakal. As Smyth “famously declared, the principle function of the mass media is to deliver audiences to advertisers, and the work which audience members perform for the advertiser to whom they have been sold is learning to buy goods and to spend their income accordingly”. Magazine content has powerfully designed to motivate spending on magazine for reader’s advertiser products . This effort purely for the reader’s whish and their interest.

    The area of content is huge but interest has so little. Even through the content, we can analyse it all. We will do analyse the total Sanga Swaram Magazine pictures in one issues of a Magazine. You are selected particular issue for a representative sample.

    The sampling is more involving for content analysis. The total information you draw the selected sample. The researcher analysing the content of Magazine one by one . 3.

    4. 1. Analysing the Magazine Front pageThe cover design is, in any case, an important component. The designer should dream up a logotype (the title as it appears on the cover) that is eye-catching and offers the possibility of fitting in with many types of cover design . The presence of the beauty products on the page conveys the message that the “beauty” of the cover models can achieved through the purchase and use of the products.

    As McCracken points out, the magazine covers is a “covert advertisement” that “leads readers into the consumerist ideology that permeates the magazine as whole”. According to Barthes, these signs perform a communicate function that refers to other texts inside the magazine, notably the ads that generate most of the magazine’s proceeds . The Sanga Swaram Magazine front page is having the multicolour paper. It has much cost of the printing comparing the ordinary print.

    The front page visible so attractive and designed very beautifully. The Magazine general look was good. In addition, it gives very good impression to the readers. Every readers generally look outer side of the magazine then only he/she may go to the insider of the magazine to read particular issue. Because of this readers psychology the editorial team has decided the front page so costly and colourful.

    The Magazine front page not only colourful every Magazine has one beautiful picture with more meaningful and relevant the season of particular month. When we saw front-page picture automatically it has given of the message in what we have inside of the Magazine. As usually every month Magazine front page have the magazine name, name of the month and the year. These are all in general to have every issue and commonly followed the publishers.

    However, every month the magazine released with beautiful pictures from the Bible and general related the relevant situations what is going on the Diocesan level programmes as well as occasionally. 3. 4. 2. Total Pages of the Sanga Swaram MagazineThe appearance of a magazine depends not only number of pages and only on how well the editor has handled the editorial process but on the conscientiousness and skill of the magazine’s printer .

    The first step is editorial planning, which has as it goal the assurance that the pages of the magazine are filled with the appropriate kind of content. This planning is quite long range and takes into consideration not one but several future issues. It takes place is one of the way in which many important editorial decisions are reached. The effective magazine is in large part the result of good editorial planning . The Sanga Swaram monthly Magazine is commonly having the 32 pages in one issue.

    As per the researcher observation and analysis, some of the issues or magazines had only 28 pages and some of the issues 32 pages has. The researcher took 10 months Magazines for his research. Out of 10 Magazine only three Magazines were printed with 28 pages i. e. April- 2014, June – 2104 and July -2014.

    Remaining seven Magazines having accurately 32 pages every month very promptly. The researcher enquired to the present editorial manager with personal interaction regarding number of printing pages for the magazines . The publishers of the Magazine have a valued cause to printing the pages in between 28 to 32 of every month. The pages number 32 is the enough for a monthly magazine as per the some of the reader’s opinion and some of the Church leader’s suggestions. With the 32 pages size wise, printing cost wise and to sell it has much convened. If tit is printing with more pages have the magazine will not get the impression from the reader’s side.

    Every month selecting the articles, Bible history, stories, Information and some entrainment items wise is very difficult. Regarding 28 pages of the Magazine printed that particular months April, June and July in the year of 2104. In 2014 Diocesan authorities appointed new editorial manager due to this cause and lake of articles, messages, entertainment, and some technical problems have emerged. In this juncture, these particular three months have only 28 pages . 3. 4.

    3. Editorial TeamThe editorial team of the Sanga Swaram has formed by the Diocesan Committee under the Supervision of the Bishop. Total number of the team is eight including the Bishop, editor and the circulation Manager. The team name list of the editorial Committee is as follows . 1. The Rt.

    Rev. Dr. V. Prasad Rao – Chairman & Chief Editor2.

    Mrs Susheela Franklin – Editor3. Mr Augustine Premraj – Circulation Manager4. Rev. V. Sunanada Prasad Rao – Member from Diocesan women wing.

    5. Rev. B. D.

    P. Ravindra – Member as Diocesan Secretary from Diocesan office6. Rev. K. T.

    Vijay Kumar – Member from Clergy side7. Mr D. C. C.

    Jayaraj – Member from lay leader side as senior citizen8. Mr Gummadi Vidyasagar – Member from educational deportment sideThese are the Magazine editorial team for printing and circulation of the magazine through this committee. All the responsibilities took over the editor. The team of the editorial board authorised to the editor. The editor every month collect all the content of the magazine from various resources accordingly .

    The editorial team described one by one in the succeeding chapters, as nearly as possible in chronological order, that is, in the order in which they would be carrying out in the editorial team . 3. 4. 4.

    Analysing the ‘Theme’ of the MagazineThe special attraction of the Magazine is every month having the one Title or Theme. That particular Theme related season of the Church of South India Almanac and based on the occasion. The theme selection, related Bible reference and picture will selected the editor only. The readers of the Magazine easily understand when they see the Theme, what is the content of the Magazine and inside information.

    It is creating the intrust of the readers mind to read the magazine at least ones. Most of the themes is the God’s blessings words and promising words were selecting from the Bible. The publishers of the magazine try to attractive and motivate the reader to buy and to have with them. Sometimes, to prepare the theme it is very difficult even though according readers will and whish theme will come out beautiful way .

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