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    Comparing the Ways the Poet Presents the Relationship Essay

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    Comparing the ways the poet presents the relationship In the two poems ‘Hour’ and ‘Nettles’. The poems ‘Hour’ and ‘Nettles’ are both poems about the relationship between two or more people. Both poets used some of the same principles but they also use very different structures. Below are some of the examples that I have found. In the poem ‘Hour’ and ‘Nettles’, the poet always presents the information by relating most of the words or phrases used in the passage with the title. In the poem ‘Hour’ the poem has used ‘Love’s time’s a beggar’. This phrase relates to the poem’s title cause it comes under hour which comes under the category time.

    This phrase is saying that when you are in love with someone there Is never enough time that you are able to have when spending time with them. In the poem Nettles’ the poet uses ‘The boy came seeking comfort and I saw white blisters beaded on his tender skin’. When the parent’s son had returned home after so long he was covered In wounds from the war and was In so much pain he needed comfort to take the pain he had received away. Using key words that are to do with the poem ‘Hour and ‘Nettles’ emphasizes on the actual meaning of the poem so that the reader can relate more to he poem.

    Both poets have used the same structure making the ending verses rhyme with the next line. In both poems, both poets have presented the relationships by showing the problems that they have within their relationships. Both poems also focus more on the negative side of their relationship rather than the positive. In the poem ‘Hour’ although the persona suggests that to be with a loved one, even for Just an hour, is precious and valuable it also presents the traditional idea of time as an obstacle to lovers. The persona states that time hates love, wants love poor’.

    This wows that the persona Is complaining that time Is mostly the only factor that really affects a relationship. In the poem ‘Nettles the persona complains about how hard It Is to cope having a son that Is In the army and how much It affects the family. It also talks about how much the son has to go through as well and the wounds that he receives. Nettles also relates to the category time’ because the persona also talks about not having enough time to stay with his son because before the son has been healed he has been called to go back and the he would often feel wounds again.

    This indicates that time is part of the problem that is affecting the persona’s relationship with his child. Another factor that both poets have in common is their relationship with the reader. In the poem Nettles’, the poet uses military language which effects the reader. It makes the reader feel upset and maybe even anger because of the wounds and pain the son is going through. It helps the reader to connect with the poem making It easier for them to understand. It also shows what the parents have to deal with because of the fact that their son Is going to war not knowing whether he ill ever come back to them.

    They also do not know how Injured he will be the next and always referred to how ‘nothing dark will end our shining hour’ and also displays the love between the two people because of the thousands of seconds we kiss’. Another way the poets have compared the relationships that are in their poem is that in both poems the authors have a deeper meaning to the poem. In the poem ‘Nettles’ the father secretly does not want his son to go to the army because of the thought of losing him because of the harsh conditions and the risk of death and also the state e comes back home in whether he will arrive as he went or comeback as a different person. Hour’ shows that the she does not want to let everything out because of painful, personal memories and feelings. She feels that if she loses that person it would feel the pain she felt all over again. ‘Hour’ is an overall loving and affectionate poem showing relationship between the couple displaying how much one of them means to them, describing their love, whereas ‘Nettles’ is more about the love between the family (father and son). It shows the relationship that the dad and his son share and also the relationship between the family as a whole.

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