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    Compare ‘To His Coy Mistress’ by Andrew Marvell to ‘Upon Julia’s Clothes’ by Robert Herrick and their attitudes to love Essay

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    I am going to compare ‘To His Coy Mistress’ by Andrew Marvell to ‘Upon Julia’s Clothes’ by Robert Herrick and their attitudes to love. These two are very similar because they both describe their love for a woman. Next I will compare ‘Remember’ by Robert Herrick to ‘Since there’s no help… ‘by Michael Drayton and there attitudes to love. Both this poems are about parting with a loved one. They all have different attitudes to love. Upon Julia’s Clothes by Robert Herrick is about a woman the author sees from far.

    The piece is written in first person this makes it easier for the poet to reflect his feeling to the reader. ‘Whenas in silks my Julia’. Herrick express to the reader that he thinks she is his. By say ‘my Julia. I think this was quite common in those days . Men did see woman and as sexual objects and also they thought woman belonged to them. The rhyme scheme is AAA BBB it reflects how he walks. It a quick pace rhyme suggesting she is walking really quickly. In Upon Julia’s Clothes the poem using assonance ‘Silks, methinks, liquefaction’.

    All these words are linked together by assonance. The words silks and liquefaction are linked because they both paint a picture of a smooth image in your mind. Andrew Marvell’s ‘To His Coy Mistress also contains a love theme like Upon Julia Clothes’ but this poem as a lot more admiration and beauty to it. Also Herrick’s poem is more sexual because he sees the woman as an object also Marvell’s poem is a lot more heart felt. Marvell wishes to make his love grow stronger with his woman. ‘Love you ten years before the flood. ‘ This shows he will love her till the end of time.

    He really feels stronger for her unlike Herrick does for the woman he sees. When Marvell says ‘vegetable love should grow vaster than empires’. This means he would let his love grow slowly so that it became extremely strong. Marvell’s love grows stronger this is shown by the length of the poem. Its long so this shows in my opinion that he has a lot of love for her but also wants it to last forever but he still tries to trick her into having sex with him. Upon Julia clothes is brief because the poet sees Julia in a fleeting moment. Herrick love is not deep enough to be long.

    Upon Julia Clothes and to his Coy Mistress have some similarities. I think both of the authors do want to have sex with their women but they have a different type of love. I think in Upon Julia Clothes Herrick is just sexual attracted to her. I think this is because he says ‘when as in silks my Julia goes, Then. then. methinks how sweetly flows. ‘ He describes the way she looks not the way she is. Marvell uses tactics to get Mistress to lose her virginity. In the first section he attempts to woo his mistress but then in the second section he introduces the theme of time. He says ‘tempus fugil’.

    He’s showing her time flies, that one day she will die, and if she keeps her virginity until death, she will lose it to the worms. The type of love that is shown is persuading love. In upon Julia’s clothes the tone of voice throughout the poem is very dreamy because the writer is captured by Julia’s beauty. The tone voice of voice in To His Coy Mistress is very different. It starts off very flattering and turns to threatening. In contrast to the poem mentioned so far (which include strong desires) ‘Since there’s no help. ‘By Michael Drayton is about breaking of a relationship.

    We know this because it is written in the first line that the first person wants to ‘kiss and part’. Remember is also about parting but this is a different sort of parting, in Drayton’s poem the parting is about breaking up with a loved one ‘cancel all our vows’. He wants them to cancel the marriage vows they made to each other. Christina Rossetti poem is about asking the loved one remember her when she has died. ‘Remember and be sad ‘. This sort of parting is more loved based. Both the poems a roughly the same length because I think their both trying to get their point across.

    Drayton’s poem trying to show why he wants to break up and Rossetti poem trying to make the love one remember when she has died or when someone else as died. This is known as ambiguous. I think a lot of people would want their loved one to remember them in those times because a lot of woman died in child birth because there wasn’t enough equipment. Also I think a lot of people in the time poem written would be struggling with there marriages because they didn’t have marriage counselors to help them get through the rough times.

    The type of love that is shown in these to poems is parting love. I think Remember is more emotional than ‘Since there’s no help… ‘ ‘Since there’s no help is quick and without fuss and emotion. The phrase that implies this is ‘shake hands forever’. The shaking of hands is a very formal act, symbolizing a mutual agreement to part. I think Rossetti’s poem Remember is more emotional this is shown by repetition. The poem uses the line ‘remember me’ a lot. I think it uses this line a lot so you remember her forever.

    It makes you feel sad because you feel that the writer really feels passionate about her loved one remembering her. The tone of voice in Remember is sad because the woman who is writing the poem is going to die . I know this because she says ‘Remember me when I am gone away gone far away into the silent land’. The silent land is a place people believe you go when you have died. The tone of voice in ‘Since there’s no help. ‘ is less sad because the writer of the poem is only breaking up with a love one. All these poems have a different ideas of love.

    The more emotional ones are ‘To His Coy Mistress’ by Andrew Marvell and ‘Remember’ by Christina Rossetti. All the poems mentioned have a different purpose of why they have been written. The poem I liked the mot was remember because a lot of people want to be remembered when they die and writing poem is a good way to do it. The poem I least liked was ‘ Upon Julia’s Clothes because I didn’t see the purpose of the poem and I don’t agree with women been seen as sexual objects. Overall I enjoyed writing about the poems.

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