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    Compare and Contrast of Two Poets

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    Every person has an opportunity to read the poems, narratives, and tales of Pushkin and Lermontov. There are two greatest poets of the Russian literature and occasionally they had the similar sadness story of their death. They passed away in the duels and the reason of their duel is admires of their women. However, for their short lives they could present their wonderful work to the entire world where people have an opportunity to read and enjoy their writer’s talented and how each of them could describe others emotional feelings. They paid attention to the social problems and indicated in their work in order to show people their mistakes. In this essay, I am going to compare and contrast similar and opposite traits of these poets.

    If we look at and read some of the poems of both poets and compare the two talented writers, we would like to notice that Pushkin and Lermontov have some similarities. It is a fact that the similarities of their work and the poets with the help of the word tried to awaken human souls. The authors used poetry not for self-expression, they use creativity to lighten the flaws. For them, this is a weapon for independence, a weapon for the struggle for freedom and happiness. Their work is the way to reach out to those who are not indifferent. These are people who were disturbed by the fate of the people. These are fighter writers who were opposed to the things such as slavery, and poverty. They attempted to describe via their creations the beauty of the humans’ souls and demonstrate their good traits such as kindness, courage, despair, great love, willpower, and aspiration. Each of the traits the reader can find in the authors’ hero or in the key person. Their books are ones of the beautiful written in the world and remain popular in our time.

    However, despite of some similarities, there are many differences in the works of Pushkin and Lermontov. One of them is their attitude that influenced their work. So, the creative works of Alexander Sergeevich are filled with optimism, the works are full of hope and light. In the works of Pushkin there is no tragic sound, while Lermontov’s loneliness predominates, and dissatisfaction with his fate is traced. Different and love lyrics. It would seem that love and the theme of love are one, but Pushkin’s love is different from Lermontov’s love. Maybe, the main reason is Lermontov lost his mother too early and he did not have enough mother’s love from an early age. Lermontov was grown by his grandmother who loved him very much but she could not replace mother for the young boy. So, unlike Lermontov, there is no hopelessness in the love lyrics of Alexander Sergeyevich, there are only personal experiences. The feelings described by Pushkin are beautiful, and sadness, which is also present, is light. But love at Lermontov is doomed, only disbelief in happiness is felt.

    In conclusion, it is probably difficult to name a writer who made a greater contribution to the development of Russian literature than A. S. Pushkin and M. Yu. Lermontov. Each of these great poets has his own style, his own vision of the world, and his own attitude to the social life. But their poetry for a long time continues to evoke admiration and admiration for the unique poetic talent, the incredible gift of the artistic word, and the power of feeling and sublime thoughts. The main thing that unites two great geniuses of the artistic word is the consciousness of their own high purpose, their duty to humanity.

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