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    Compare and Contrast Essay About Two Friends

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    What is friendship

    Speaking about important people in our lives, we most often place them in this order – parents, close relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Parents and relatives are not chosen, acquaintances are not let in too deeply in life. And only a true friend is a person with whom relations are based on reciprocity, benevolence, sincerity, and sympathy. So it happens there are two people, and under certain conditions become indispensable for each other. And this is so cool and inspiring to have old friends and greet new ones. That is why one of the most valuable things in life is friendship. In everyday life, friendship is mutual and sincere sympathy, interest in each other, the desire to share thoughts and impressions, a comfortable pastime. There is a saying that a friend is known in trouble, but not only. A good friend will not only help in a difficult moment but also truly rejoice at your success. A best friend is a person who will always be on your side, who gives you so many minutes of happiness in this world.

    Friendship, for me, is a mutual concept, unlike love. You want to be engaged, be ready to take care of your friend in the same way. Therefore, a prerequisite of friendship is not to be an egoist. Otherwise, the friendship promises to be very short.

    The qualities of a true friend

    Often, because of the fear of emptiness and loneliness, and because of the desire to be “normal,” we tend to surround ourselves with any people, even without realizing that many of these people are quite toxic and actually poison our lives. And sometimes it happens that a person is witty, kind, sociable, and when you ask him/her for help, it is then that it turns out who is real and who is a bad friend, or just for sharing leisure time.

    But maybe there is an opportunity to understand in advance who will be your good friend and who will be bad. Perhaps, but it is not so easy. But, in my opinion, there are several features that are required for friendship:

    1. Support and care

    A friend is a first and foremost ally that is able to share all your experiences; it is the ability and desire to provide support and be helpful. He or she will always support, both in grief and in joy, they will not allow you to make a dangerous mistake even if he or she does not share and does not understand your action.

    1. Ability to forgive

    In any relationship, inevitably making mistakes. Sometimes it’s your fault, and sometimes of your best friend. If people are not generous enough and cannot forgive each other’s misdeeds, big problems arise that can destroy a friendship, so it is very important to learn to be more tolerant and to forgive mistakes.

    1. Honesty

    Despite the possible situations, my best friend must be honest. Lying can ruin relationships built over the years.

    1. Reliability

    A friend should always prop up in a difficult moment. It is he or she whom we can always rely on.

    1. Acceptance of deficiencies

    All people have positive and negative qualities, with friends you need to love both sides.

    In general, for the real friendship does not need any great knowledge. Sincerity and support at any time are the best qualities in life. If you met and greeted friends in the youth, take care of this friendship, because time-tested people are almost incapable of betrayal. Find out for yourself who is the best friend, and then you will not have to be mistaken in people. The main thing is to remember that in friendship you need not only to receive but also to give. And this simple thing will bring happiness and harmony to your relationship.

    The contrast of two friends

    I am very lucky in life, and I have two best friends that once I greet at the university. By the way, they are both archers according to the horoscope. And if you try to compare them superficially, you can say that they have lot similarities, but if you dig a little deeper, it turns out that they have a lot of differences, to the extent that my two best friends are opposites. Let’s start with the similarities.

    Kate and Helen are two special girls, my best friends, with whom the discussions are closer and deeper than with others. This is all due to their openness and sociability. I am really delighted with such sincere people.

    We love the same music, movies, and books, thanks to this, the themes for our conversations never end. Although it happens that we want to keep silence, just staying with each other. And even then it is interesting to be together.

    Kate and Helen are natures with a bright charisma, they both strive for leadership, and both are very energetic and cheerful. They take care of me, very helpful and sincerely take an interest in my life, for which I am very grateful to them and the reason why I consider them to be my best friends. But on this, perhaps, all their similarities end.

    To compare Kate and Helen, in fact, they are very different girls, and they have a radically different lifestyle, they, for all their similarities of character traits, manifest themselves differently even externally. Kate prefers a sporty behavior and style in clothes; it is almost impossible to meet her in a dress and heels. Helen is quite the opposite, she dresses and behaves herself very feminine. The same goes for their hobbies. Kate plays basketball, box and indeed, she loves dangerous sports, and Helen vice versa loves yoga and dance.

    Kate is a business girl, prudent, demanding both to herself and to those around her, very purposeful and brings everything to an end. More often she is serious than fun. I would say even not serious, but calm and reasonable. While Helen is more serene, always cheerful, and sometimes overly impulsive. But it does not spoil it at all, but on the contrary, it gives a special charm. Although at the moments when I need their advice, Kate can go overboard with her straightforwardness which is very noticeable in contrast to the tactful Helen.

    There is also a stark contrast between them in the field of work, Helen chose the humanities, and Kateengineering and mathematics, which slightly divides us, because I am not very friendly with the exact sciences.

    Although both girls have a lot of interests that I do not share, it does not divide us at all, even the opposite. They make them so special, my best friends in the world.

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