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    The Clashes of Romance and Enlightenment Essay

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    A Recount of Victor Frankenstein from Professor Waldman’s Perspective

    This refulgent morning, fervour memories of the past washed over me like a soothing breeze, when this familiar student strutted before my eyes. I pondered to myself, is he still the same curious boy? At first sight, I did not recognise this young man, whom attended my lecture. But whilst he was with me, I could see through his dauntless eyes that he was a passionate young man, his countenance displayed an infallible guarantee to the future disciple of science. As soon as the lecture had terminated, the young man approached me and requested my advice concerning the books he ought to procure. At that moment, my soul was filled with exultation, I realised that his thirst for knowledge is still immutable, furthermore, he is the now the elixir for future discoveries of mankind by following his honourable father’s footsteps. I have gained an extraordinary discipline named Victor Frankenstein.

    Meeting my long-awaited disciple has brought back mellow memories. Even at this age, I still remember the first time Victor, entered my laboratory. It was the time when the Ingolstadt University was just recently built. Only a few weeks after its completion, a science day was to be held. Both these events were responsible by none other than Alphonse Frankenstein. At that time, there was not a single soul that did not know his name. He was a very omnipotent and caring person as, his reason in creating the university was to help the younger generation and assure a stable future for them. The reason behind the science day for kids was so his son, Victor, could experience science at a young age. Victor Frankenstein’s first step, first look, first presence enlightened the laboratory, as if God sent himself to Earth in a human form. During the kids science day, I paid special attention to Victor and welcomed him into the world of science, not to mention he was fascinated already and knew more knowledge than any other child I have ever met.

    Seeing his smile after a successful experiment made all troubles melt away like marshmallows. At the end of the day, his father came to pick him up and thanked me for hosting the day. I was overwhelmed, to think that a famous person like himself thanked me. When he said “I can now safely leave this university in your hands” I felt like crying because deep inside, I knew that I should be the one thanking him for offering me this position. After that day, Alphonse and Victor Frankenstein often came to visit the university. During my experiments, and I was in a disconsolate situation, Victor had suggested a unique perspective and when I tried it, the experiment succeeded. Before I realised, a warm filial had spawned between us. It also came to my attention that when he was around I made rapid progression with my studies. I believed and still believe that he would be the hero of the new science era that has already arrived. It was without doubt, fate from the celestial Gods that had bought us together.

    Although I am blissful that I have found an amazing seed to nurture but why do I have this uneasy feeling that won’t leave my heart? Why do I see nightmares of a diabolical chimera on the verge of murdering me? And why do I see Victor Frankenstein in these dreadful dreams? What could they mean? Of course I don’t believe he is showing affectation but could that be because I am thinking too palpably? No, no, that’s not possible, he is the son of Alphonse Frankenstein, the man I owe a great deal to and highly respect. It would be ignominious to him if I doubt Victor and show discernment to him just because of some bad dream that I have been shown by the celestial Gods, there is just no proof. I shall raise Victor Frankenstein into a world famous scientist so that his name will even reach the heavens. You will see…

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