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    Charles Dickens, Great Expectations Essay

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    When the paper eventually snaps in to, this is Eddies cue to get up and change the subject. Working with an arterial motive Eddie questions Marco whether he has ever boxed. Marco and Rodolfo both reply No. So Eddie issues the challenge directly to Rodolfo, saying that he will teach him how to box. This is simply creating a smoke screen, so that Eddie can vent some of his frustration and jealousy against Rodolfo. Eddie begins by happily showing him how to jab and allowing Rodolfo to land multiple punches, with one connecting and grazing Eddie’s jaw.

    Eddie, still keeping up the friendly act, now reverses the roles and tells Rodolfo to block a few punches. Eddie begins swinging with intent. Throwing his left as a diversion and then landing with his right he releases some of his jealousy. Following the punch, Marco quickly rises. Eddie says to Rodolfo “Did I hurt you kid? ” to which Rodolfo replies “No,no, he didn’t hurt me” flashing a smile towards Eddie. Rodolfo’s reply is a result of him feeling that he is finally developing a relationship with Eddie and does not wish to spoil it;”no, no” This quick reply shows his eagerness to defend Eddie and keep on the right side of him.

    Beatrice pulls Eddie down into his rocking chair, the rocking chair seems to symbolise almost a peace zone. Eddie sits stewing and rubbing his fists, “He could be very good, Marco. I’ll teach him again. ” Eddie enjoyed embarrassing Rodolfo and wishes to do it again. This time Rodolfo initiates the dancing with his newfound confidence. The song playing is ‘Paper Doll’, Rodolfo places his arms around Catherine, which would usually anger Eddie, however Marco distracts him.

    Marco places a chair in front of Eddie with Beatrice spectating, this time Marco challenges Eddie, he challenges him to lift the chair from the bottom of a singular leg. Eddie takes up the challenge, but soon finds it to be harder than he had expected. He raises the chair 1 inch but then drops it, he repeats this process a few times until he pleads, and “it’s on a angle, that’s why, heh? ” Marco knows this not to be true and kneels down to grasp the chair leg.

    With strained tension flowing throughout his body he raises the chair, up and up until it towers over Eddie. Eddie and Marco are now face to face with the chair raised like a weapon over Eddie. Marco issues a glare of warning to Eddie and then transforms this look into a smile, Eddie blankly absorbs this message. Marco uses this act to deliver a message to Eddie; he is showing Eddie that he is more powerful and strong than Eddie and also warning him to leave Rodolfo alone. Also this is another peak in tension, as it is humiliating to Eddie.

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