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Ch 8 Digital Forensics

Most digital cameras use the bitmap format to store photos.
The first 3 bytes of an XIF file are exactly the same as a TIF file.
Graphics files are created and saved in the graphics editor, such as Microsoft Paint, Adobe Freehand MX, Adobe Photoshop, or Gnome GIMP.
When you decompress data that uses a lossy compression algorithm, you regain data lost by compression.
Each graphics file type has a unique header value.
Vector Quantization
In simple terms, _________ compression discards bits in much the same way rounding off decimal values discards numbers.
The Lemple-Ziv-Welch algorithm is used in _______ compression.
1976 Copyright Act
What act defines precisely how copyright laws pertain to graphics?
What format was developed as a standard for storing metadata in image files?
49 49 2A
All TIF files start at offset 0 with what 6 hex characters?
raw file format
Referred to as a digital negative, the ____ is typically used on many higher-end digital cameras.
The ______ format is a proprietary format used by Adobe Photoshop.
What file type starts at offset 0 with a hex value of FFD8?
For EXIF JPEG files, the hex value starting at offset 2 is __________.
The process of converting raw picture data to another format is called ________.
Which of the following formats is not considered to be a standard graphics file format?
What kind of graphics file combines bitmap and vector graphics types?
Which graphics file format below is rarely compressed?
raster graphics
Which of the following is not a type of graphic file that is created by a graphics program?
For all JPEG files, the ending hex marker, also known as the end of image, is _________.
How many different colors can be displayed by a 24 bit colored pixel?
16 bits
How many bits are required to create a pixel capable of displaying 65,536 different colors?
Which of the following is not considered to be a non-standard graphics file format?
Most significant bit
When looking at a byte of info in binary, such as 11101100, what is the first bit on the left referred to as?
Select below the utility that is not a lossless compression utility
ProDiscover adds a ______ extension automatically on all copied clusters the Recover Clusters function exports.
The __________ is the best source for learning more about file formats and their extensions.
A standard JFIF JPEG has a header value of _____________ from offset 0 and the label name JFIF starting at offset 6.
Bitmap images store graphics info as grids of __________, sorts for “picture elements.”
The ______ format is an image format produced by the Nuance PaperPort scanning program.
The process of converting raw picture data to another format, such as JPEG or TIF.
Vector Graphics
Graphics based on mathematics instructions to form lines, curves, text, and other geometrical shapes.
Metafile Graphics
Graphics files that are combinations of bitmap and vector images.
Raster graphics
Collections of pixels stored in rows rather that a grid , as with bitmap images, to make graphics easier to print; usually creates when a vector graphic is converted to a bitmap image.
Bitmap images
Collection of dots, or pixels, in a grid format that form a graphic.
Vector Quantization
A form of compression that uses an algorithm similar to rounding off decimal values to eliminate unnecessary bits of data.
A file format the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Association developed as a standard for storing metadata in JPEG or TIF files.
The process of recovering file fragments that are scattered across a disk.
Nonstandard graphics file formats
Less common graphic file formats, including proprietary formats, newer formats, formats that most image viewers don’t recognize, and old or obsolete formats.
False Positives
The results of keyword searches that contain the correct match but aren’t relevant to the investigation.

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Ch 8 Digital Forensics
False Most digital cameras use the bitmap format to store photos. True The first 3 bytes of an XIF file are exactly the same as a TIF file.
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Ch 8 Digital Forensics
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