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    Main Causes of Divorce Essay (992 words)

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    Introduction to the divorce essay

    Divorce is a very sad phenomenon in social life. People marry without knowing that a year later they may go to the registry office again but in order to apply for divorce. It remains unknown for most of us how it turns out that people who love each other, plan to spend their whole lives together, create a new social center of society, are able to divorce in one or two years? What’s the reason?

    To answer those question and even more, we’d like you to take a look at the cause of divorce free essay example that will outline the main reasons for divorce and possible solutions.

    According to a recent study by scientists from the University of Maryland, the chances to meet old age with your husband or wife are 50 to 50. That’s why we are not faced with good divorce rates.

    There may be strange reasons for divorce. “People tend to believe that most of the marriages break down because of betrayal, financial fraud, alcohol or drug addiction, infidelity, and malice,” says Jessica Elizabeth Opert, a famous interlocutor. “In fact, divorces occur as a result of more insignificant everyday actions or inaction, which destroys communication and feelings between two people.”

    Five the most unexpected divorce reasons

    Sometimes we feel that both of us are doing everything right, but the stuff is going wrong. To avoid unpleasant situations in your life, we want you to take a look at the most common unexpected divorce reasons:

    1. Lack of visual contact. When many people are asked about how they guessed that a partner fell in love with them, they respond that this was evident in their eyes. When people talk without distracting from a TV or smartphone, a special intimate connection disappears. In order not to break your marriage, try to dine with the TV off and without other distractions, put the mobile phones away from the bedroom.
    2. The spouses agree with each other in every single detail. Constant avoidance of conflicts, especially at the outset of relationships, leads to the fact that partners don’t develop skills in overcoming with difficulties. Don’t be afraid to say straight away that you do not like the behavior of a partner that frustrates you and what you would like to change.
    3. Fading passion and rare sex. Your conversations with a husband are focused only on practical issues such as who will take a daughter from kindergarten or what to buy for dinner? When almost all communication revolves around children and home, this is a bad sign”. In order not to bring the case before the divorce, try to ask the husband more often, as his day passed and talked before bedtime. Such conversations bring together emotionally.
    4. Dependence on social networks. Social networks are a growing factor of divorce in our time; While you update the Facebook ribbon, you could dine with your spouse in a restaurant or take a walk in the park.
    5. Loss of personality. Paying attention to your wife or husband to the detriment of your own interests and dreams leads to the slow destruction of relationships. The same thing applies to a constant joint pastime. Don’t forget that you have personal space, friends, hobbies. Develop your personality and don’t lose it.

      The most common causes of family divorce

      Why do families divorce? Each pair has its own history of rupture; however, according to statistic, psychologists distinguish seven major reasons for divorce:

      • If we talk about the reasons for the divorce of young families, then the first cause of divorce is the unwillingness to marry. Usually, such couples make a decision to marry because of love euphoria. And they have no idea of what family life is. The result of such a marriage will be endless quarrels, unwillingness to listen and hear each other, going to actions, sacrificing anything to keep the marriage.
      • Another reason for broken marriages is the pernicious passions of one of the spouses. Alcoholism, drug addiction, game addiction – all this makes family life unbearable.
      • One more reason is marital infidelity. Betrayal can be understood, explained, but it’s very difficult to forgive. Many simply do not want to tolerate such a partner’s attitude and, as a conclusion, apply for divorce.
      • Quite often the reason for the negative effects of marriage is material difficulties. As a rule, the responsibility for the lack of money in the family is put on the man. That’s why the wife accuses her husband, reproaching him in failure or unwillingness to earn. Relationships, wormhole which is material goods, are short-lived.
      • It’s hard for people to get along with each other; the whole family life is that men and women learn to co-exist together, respecting the rights and desires of the partner. If the spouses are different in temperament, they have fundamentally different views on the organization of life, the education of children, etc., it becomes difficult for them to find a compromise to maintain a long, harmonious relationship.
      • Also, the reason for divorce may be sexual dissatisfaction or health problems, including reproductive problems. Often, instead of turning to a problem-solving specialist, the couple makes a decision to divorce.
      • One of the very significant reasons is a lack of communication and a lack of intimacy. It’s so depressive when the couple has nothing to talk about. We say that women and man should be like plus and minus. But as far as you can see it works not in all cases.

      Unfortunately, every third couple is getting divorced today. That is because the attitude to divorce has become easier and because there is no psychological preparedness of the spouses for family life. Rudeness, mutual offenses, humiliation, disrespectful attitude to each other, reluctance to help at home affairs and upbringing of children usually lead to the divorce. So take care of each other, respect and listen to your partner to have a successful marriage.

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