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    “Bright Star” Movie Review (537 words)

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    Looking for a romantic movie to watch alone or with your partner? Well, you’re in luck for a spectacular and rather unique movie. The movie, “Bright Star” depicts a love story between two lovers, John Keats and Fanny Brawne. Their complicated love for each other keeps you on your feet, but also running a considerable amount of tissues. Now, this isn’t the most interesting movie ever. Ranging from their style of clothes, to the formal language, this movie is definitely different from the others. The movie is based on the american poet and poetic genius John Keats, who sadly passed away at an extremely young age.

    In the movie, John is very poor and lonely with his head laying low, until he met his soul mate, Fanny Brawne. Throughout the movie, Keats uses and teaches poetry to Fanny as they quickly see eye to eye. But, this movie isn’t all that practical. Towards the beginning and most dramatic scene in the entire movie is when Keats angrily confronted Brown about the valentine Brawne received. Out of regards to his friend Keats and his deep irritation in Brawne, he addresses her and bashes her on how she flirts and what she does wrong. This scene highlights the flaws in the movie because something like a deeper insight into Keats life would have been more rational and a better substitution. But instead, the movie uses scenes that are not that important in regard to the conclusion. Nonetheless, the movie did have a very iconical and superb way of presenting their love for each other. The best scenes in the movie were without a doubt the citing of the poems that Keats wrote. The deliverance and timing of the poems were spot on and well-developed. Keats later down the line dies of tuberculosis but grievously knew it was coming due to his brother’s death.

    The saddest part is how Brawne could not be with him at his last moments, as Keats was away when he passed. Nevertheless, it is a romantic, yet devastating movie to watch. I would say the highlights of the movie were the reciting of the poems; the negatives were the unnecessary scenes. This movie should strictly be watched by fans of John Keats. If you’re not, I question why you are even here reading this review. I would give this movie three stars out of five for many reasons. First, and most obvious reason on why this movie was superior, were the key scenes with the poems. Anyone who has read Keats poems would definitely be on the same page. Another key element used excellently was the scenery around each place. Going from the scene where they were at a romantic picnic with each other surrounded by nature, to the performance of Bright Star in the woods with small details like Brawnes brother standing in the back in awe of his sister. This movie was not perfect and had scenes that alternatively could have made the movie’s audience hooked with a background story of John Keats. Instead, they used scenes that lacked interest in the storyline. Nevertheless, this movie is wonderful after all and should scope out the interest of poets and fans.

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