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    Background of the writer Essay (408 words)

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    He was born May 25, 1907 and he died 1986. He was a Filipino historian and author. He was a multiawarded author, he wrote 67 books and 500 articles on history. Zaide was the first was the first Asian to win the United Nations Study Award in 1957.

    Where is the Setting of the story? What is the time period of the story (past, present, or future)?

    The setting of the story is in the past. It is situated in the sultanate of Mantapoli.

    Who are the Characters in the story?

    There’s Sultan Abdara Radawi, who is the great grandfather of Radia Indarapatra, who is the mythological hero of the Lanao Muslims. He is the sultan of Mantapoli. Then there is the Archangel Diabarail, it is their version of Archangel Gabriel of the Christians. There is also Sohara, the voice of Allah. Also in the Legend are the Four Winds of the World: Angin-Taupan, Angin-Besar, Angin-Darat and Angin-Sarsar. Of course, there is Allah.

    What is the Plot of the story?

    It is about how the lake of Lanao was formed. On the palce where it is now once stood the mighty sultanate of Mantapoli, governed by Sultan Abdara Radawi. The population of Mantapoli was numerous and fast increasing. During their time, the world was divided into two parts, the East and the West, or Sebangan and Sedpan. Since the population of Mantapoli was fast increasing the balance between East and West was broken. It came to the attention of the Archangel Diabarail, he brought it to the attention of Allah. He told Allah his fears; that the world might turn upside down. Allah agreed and told him to transfer Mantapoli to the center of the Earth as not to destroy Earth’s balance and equilibrium. The place where Mantapoli used to be was filled with water. In fear of drowning the people of Mantapoli, Allah ordered th Archangel to summon the Four Winds to make an outlet for the water. Thus, lake Lanao was formed.

    What is the Conflict in the story? How was the conflict resolved?

    The conflict is the over population of Mantapoli and the fear of it over turning the Earth. Allah had his Archangel fix it by lifting the Sultanate and placing it at the center of the Earth.

    What is the Theme of the story?

    The theme of the story is creation. It tells the myth of how a place is formed , of how it became to be.

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