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    Animal Farm Chapter Xi Essay (1732 words)

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    CHAPTER XIA YEAR PASSED. The seasons came & went, the short animal lives fled by.

    A time when no one remembered the old days before the rebellion, except Clover, Benjamin, Moses the raven and a number of pigs. One day in early summer, the animals woke to the sound of a loud explosion from the Truman Farm. Which, in the past Napoleon, had forbid the animals to have any contact with. The animals ran out to see what had happened, there was a big black cloud looming above the farmhouse, it was on fire, the animals were all wondering what had happened. Napoleon appeared, raising his trotter for silence, he said we have been woken an hour early, with all this commotion we will have no chance of more rest, so we will start working now.

    I will get dressed then I will go to the Truman Farm to determine what has happened. The animals were scared, Napoleon and Squealer had always cautioned them about the Truman Farm, and they did not know why they were not to go there, they just knew they shouldn’t, but the reason couldn’t be too serious because the farm had only been built about a year ago. Clover said What is happening Benjamin, what is that smoke? And what is Napoleon going to do? No one has ever ventured to the Truman Farm before. Benjamin replied, that is a Great Fire Clover, the animals will not be safe there. Fortunately, we have not had the anguish of a Great Fire in our life times’.

    Squealer once told us Great Fires travel to farms where the animals do not do enough work, they kill everything that gets in their way, and they wreck the crops and barns as well. There was a Great Fire right here at the Manor Farm about two years before I was born. And as for Napoleon, he is the leader he does what he wants, when he wants. Squealer ordered the animals to work straight away. Napoleon returned wearing a suit, a top hat and carrying a cane. He was so fat he could scarcely walk.

    He walked out of the Manor Farm gate, slowly making his way to the Truman Farm. It was only two hundred metres down the road, but it took Napoleon ten minutes to get there, after all pigs aren’t quite familiarized to bipedal walking. On arrival, Napoleon inspected the blazing buildings from the gate; he decided it was too risky to enter through the front gate, so he trekked to the side gate. As he was entering something caught his eye.

    It was the farmer rounding up the animals, shooting his gun at the ground next to them. He finally got most of the animals into a small fenced in area, then he ran to the hose and tried to control the fire. He was not doing much good though. Napoleon approached the farmer, you should wet the ground and crops around the barn, and the fire will then burn out. The farmer looked around he was stunned, you’re?you’re a pig, yes, Napoleon replied. But your wearing clothes, and your walking, and, and, and talking, Napoleon reminded the farmer about the fire; quick wet the ground before the fire spreads.

    The farmer did as Napoleon said. When the fire finally burnt out the farmer proceeded towards Napoleon. Where are you from?, Napoleon explained that he was from down the road, at the Manor Farm and also about what had happened with Mr. Jones.

    I am now the owner of the farm, the other animals abide by my rules and work the crops. I teach the younger pigs and do all the farms paper work. The farmer was astonished, he had never seen a pig walk, let alone speak with such intelligence. Napoleon asked if he could see the animals, the farmer took him towards the fenced in area, where the scared animals were waiting. Napoleon talked to the animals, and to the farmer’s disbelief his animals talked back. Napoleon noticed one pig in particular who was extremely intellectual.

    The farmer invited Napoleon inside for coffee; they talked for hours about the revolution. He asked many questions, so he could establish exactly what happened. Napoleon finally arrived back at the Manor Farm, all the animals rushed to the gate to greet him. They were all asking what happened, and what it was like at the Truman Farm. All Napoleon said was all restrictions on having no contact with the Truman Farm have been lifted. As he walked towards the farmhouse, Squealer yelled, Ok, back to work.

    The next day, Napoleon sent a group of animals over to the Truman farm, they were to stay there for a week to help rebuild the barn. Muriel, Clover and Benjamin were among those who went. A week passed the barn had been rebuilt and the animals returned home and started their normal work again. After a long day of work the animals finally came into the barn to collect their rations, each of the smaller animals received a quarter of an ear of corn and a tiny portion of grain.

    The larger animals received half an ear of corn and half an apple. The pigs on the other hand received an ear of corn, an apple, some grain and a glass of beer. Muriel said to Squealer and the other animals I’m certain we used to get more food than this, and we also used to work shorter hours when Mr. Jones was around.

    There was uproar Don’t mention that name ever again said Napoleon, who then left to eat his dinner in the comfort of the farmhouse. Squealer rose in front of the crowd of animals, We do receive as much food as we used to, we just have to work a little bit harder for a while then we will probably be able to stop work altogether. Muriel said, When we were at the Truman Farm we worked shorter hours and received more food, Squealer tried to make an excuse for the animals receiving less food than they used to, Ok, we don’t get as much food as we used to, but that is because we are trying to save money so we can get new machinery, so in the future we only have to work from ‘eight till three’ instead of ‘five until six’. Wait a minute you said we wouldn’t have to work ever again, if we ate less for a while. YOU LIAR said Benjamin. All the animals started to shout at Squealer.

    Don’t yell at me it’s Napoleon’s fault yelped Squealer. The next night, all the animals apart from Squealer and Napoleon, where called for a secret meeting in the barn at midnight. Benjamin and Clover addressed the crowd of animals, COMRADES, NAPOLEON IS A LIAR. Dear Comrades, our leader Napoleon has turned against us, we are working more and more and eating less and less. I’m sorry to say this, but comrade Napoleon is turning into another Mr.

    Jones. He is controlling our lives, ordering us around not abiding to the rules; Napoleon changed the rules at his leisure, when it suited him. Comrade Napoleon is not alone in this he has an assistant, Squealer. Squealer has been telling us lies ever since Napoleon has been leader. They are working us hard so they can reap the benefits.

    We have to get rid of them, but this time we will be fair. Once again All Animal’s will be EQUAL. We will not have a single leader we will have a committee of representatives, Any Questions? When will we take over? ask the sheep, Tomorrow afternoon just before dinner, so we must stay up and plan tonight. What will we gain out of this; ask the pigs Clover Replied, All animals will be equal! Every animal will get his say, we will get more food, and have shorter working hours where every one helps and does their fair share. All the animals cheered, the whole night was spent planning The Battle of the Cowshed, Again.

    The next morning the animals rose as usual, Napoleon said everyone to work at once. They were all uneasy, you could smell fear in the air, though Napoleon did not notice anything unusual. When the working day was over, the animals had five minutes until dinner, and they assembled in their positions. Napoleon and Squealer strolled towards the barn at 6:29 right on time as usual.

    The moment came, the signal went, first the pigeons flew above Napoleon and Squealer and dropped their dung, they swooped to and fro, while this was happening the ducks and geese ran out and pecked fiercely at them, the other pigs charged at them, then all the sheep, goats and cows head butted them. To finish things off, the horses came out kicking, powerful kicks with their hind legs. Squealer got a fatal kick to the head. Napoleon was using his last ounce of strength to break free, when Benjamin grabbed Jones’s shotgun and fired it. The first bullet hit Napoleon in the side, he fell to the floor, Motionless, the animals gathered round and scorned at Napoleon.

    They did not know whether to let him die in pain or put him out of his misery, one of the sheep bleated four legs good, two legs bad. BANG, the bullet hit Napoleon right between the eyes. The Animals gathered in the barn, Benjamin, said we are now Free, the animals cheered, even the pigs. We will now vote for our committee of representatives. There shall be one representative for each species of animal. The votes had been counted and the representatives chosen, the Board of Representative’s was having its first official meeting.

    Everyone was so happy with how the, Battle of the Cowshed, Again had turned out they had a huge party. At the party Benjamin made a speech, I remember every detail of my long life, I thought things never had been, nor ever could be much better. Hunger, hardship, and disappointment. That I thought, was the unalterable law of life, as it turns out my whole life, I have been BibliographyI dont have a bibliography but the book is animal farm the assignment was to write the last chapter after reaserching the revolution. For my reasearch i used the internet.English Essays

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