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    The Development In Romeos Character Throughout The Play Essay

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    In this essay I will be writing about the events that have affected Romeos character. Romeo is one of the two main characters in this essay. Romeo is a Montague, but the other main character in the essay is Juliet, and she is a Capulet. We first see Romeos character developing during the early stages of the play, and quiet dramatically. When Romeo meets Juliet, it is as if he changes from the little boy that he was, to a Man. At the beginning to the play, you see the boy side of him, the immature, childish side and thinking that he is in love with a girls, but really he isn’t his making himself feel this way, as he has been declined his love as the girl called Rosaline isn’t interested, and is just an obsession by Romeo. And throughout the play he becomes more mature and begins to understand love.

    Romeo wasn’t at yet another brawl in town, against the Capulets and the Montagus. But his mother is worried for him “where is Romeo, saw you him today. Right glad I’m he was not at this fray.” This obviously shows that she is concerned for his welfare, but as we know Romeo was not hurt. Benvolio, Romeos best friend is concerned for him as well as Romeos parents, for him as he has been acting of “Strange manner” lately, and this is because of Rosaline. As we know Romeo isn’t very experienced in love, and this is affecting his concerning family and friends. But they are kept in the dark of his feelings for her. This is the first stage that we see Romeo at the throughout the play more changes in his character will become apparent. As a good friend Benolio wonders what is wrong with Romeo and is asked by his parents to find out, to me this shows that there isn’t very good communication between the parents and Romeo, and having to get someone else to do there work for them like this, is there only way on connecting with there son.

    When they meet, benvolio is struck with Romeos, glum expression upon his face, and as you may do you would ask what is wrong, but benvolio is also doing it for Romeos parents. Benvolio starts their convocation with,

    “Good morrow cousin”, and the reply form Romeo is “Is the day so young?” form this you can tell that he is not happy and there is something wrong. But benvolio thinks he might know what wrong, but nothing said as he wouldn’t want to cause any trouble between them.

    “But new struck nine” says benolio, this meaning it’s nine o’clock , not that early to him.

    ” Ay me, sad hours seem long. Was that my father that went hence so fast?” Implying that he did see his father rushing off. And what is he hiding form, but he is hiding from Romeo, he doesn’t want Romeo to know that they are both really concerned for him. At this stage you see Romeo at his most childish stage.

    “It was. What sadness lengthens Romeos hours?” asks Benvolio.

    “Not having that, which, having, makes them set.” – Romeo

    ” In love” – Benvolio

    “Out – ” – Romeo

    ” of love” – Benvolio

    In this conversation, Benvolio has very quickly got out of Romeo what the problem is, and finally know he can go and tell his parents what the matter is. And help Romeo himself.

    The next time you see Romeo, is at the Capulets Ball. This is the whole Romeo and Juliet romance begins. Not at first though as Romeo refuses to go to the ball a, he dose not feel up to it and because Rosaline will be there. Even though Romeo doesn’t want to go, Benvolio lifts his spirits by saying that Rosaline isn’t the only pretty girl there, as there are plenty more girls going to be there and not to worry. To me this shows an immature Romeo, playing games, not doing or going somewhere just because some person will be there. But this also proves that if he does go he doesn’t want Rosaline to ruin his night. When they get to the Ball, there is a tension as they enter, due to the ball being held by the Capulet and they being Montague’s. But Lord Capulet is willing to over look this, as he doesn’t want any trouble, to the disgust of Tybalt though. The first time Romeo and Juliet see each other, they are playing with each other, giving the odd glance over and often smiling at each other, generally playing with each other.

    ” Duff she teaches the candles to burn bright.” Romeo says this in a meaning of, she is so beautiful, and her glow is a little upon a candle. This shows Romeo at the change in his character, as he has forgotten about Rosaline, and now has his heart on Juliet. This shows that Benvolio was right, in that if he went to the ball he would forget about Rosaline, and will be more enchanted by other beautiful women, such as Juliet. But there is know a block in the romance as they realise that they are form the two families that are deadly enemies. This is taking as a major difficulty, but what happens when Romeo and his friends go to leave proves that it won’t be, unless they get caught. Whilst Romeos friends go to go, Romeo heads the other way, in the direction of the Capulet’s house. Hopefully in the way of Juliet’s room. This is showing that he isn’t going to give up on this love; he is determined to see her again.

    As Romeo gets there Juliet is already there, on her balcony. Speaking quietly to herself, ” Romeo, Romeo, where of out thy Romeo?” she says to herself not knowing that Romeo is underneath the balcony listening in. When Juliet looks away Romeo appears, waiting for her to look round at him, and when she does it is a surprise, but is taking welcomingly. They are upon the balcony for a while and are sharing thoughts and feelings upon each other, talking about the difficulty between their families, and their love for each other. But Romeo starts to become the childish, immature, boy again. This is shown by the way he replies to Juliet, she is coming across as the independent, more intelligent one, even though she is younger and Romeo is older. But they exchange wedding vows and pray to be married soon. But Juliet is concerned for Romeo as the walls from the house are high and guarded well by house Guards. But Romeo is acting the “big man” and is boasting about him getting over the walls, and this proves that his character can quickly change back to the immature boy that he was in the first few sences in the play.

    ” The orchid walls are high and hard to climb. And the place death…” But Romeo replies with an impressive manner with ” With love’s light wings did hold love out” a sensitive yet impressive reply that woos Juliet ever more.

    The next time we see Romeo is when Mercutio and Tybalt are fighting. This is where Romeos life is put at risk for the sake of his friend. When They fight, Romeo says his last words to him, which are, ” This shall determine that”, meaning this is the last time of this outrage and this will stop everything. And then his sword is trusted into Tybalt. A scared and frightened Romeo comes out of this and he rushes off to Friar Lawrence. We see the scared and frightened Romeo here, this is carried on throughout the rest of the play, as he knows that he will be vanished from the land, as Friar Lawrence has already told him what is likely to happen, and even worse, never to see Juliet again.

    He is punished, and is told to leave the land he is told to go to Manthua. A place far away from Verona. But the shocking news to Juliet puts her in a desperate state to see Romeo, and get his side of the story. But she is now expected to marry Paris, but as we know, she is vowed to marry Romeo and not Paris. So, she seeks advice from Friar Lawrence.

    It is a desperate time now for both Romeo and Juliet as, they are miles from each other and this may change everything if nothing is done. So the advice from Friar Lawrence is taking by Juliet, but isn’t the news that Romeo has been waiting for. Juliet’s Death. Friar Lawrence gave her a poison that will only put her to sleep, not kill herm but to everyone else, she is dead. This has stopped the wedding and now gives time for a message to reach Romeo and tell hi of the news and what to do. But all gets scrambled up and news is taking the wrong way. Romeo does now in a terrible state of emotion, not owe that is it only a deep sleeping position. He hurries back to Juliet, this shows his love for him and how much he dose care for her.

    When he sees her he is mortified, and then takes his own life but fiat as it is, Juliet then awakes, and sees Romeo on the floor.

    She takes it in that he is dead, and the love that she has for him, she wants to be with him, and takes her own life to be with him. She takes the dagger from Romeos pocket, and her last words are, emotional and quiet. They are, ” I Love you, and shall be with you soon.” She takes the dagger to her heart, and stabs herself.

    In conclusion to the play and Romeos character changing, he has often changed from the boy that is immature and childish to a caring man, and emotional man, that wouldn’t give up on his love…

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