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    An Analysis of The New Deal and the Abolitionist Movements as Social and Economic Issues in the United States

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    In the history of the United States there have been social and economic problems that have needed American attention. These problems were soon reformed by the government when demands for change were made. The New Deal and The Abolitionist Movements two social and economic issues that were brought to the attention of America.

    The Abolitionist Movement took place from 1830-1865, this movement was for the demand for the end of slavery. Over time this movement became more intense and was a reason for the division between the North (industrial) and the South (agricultural). The South felt they need the slaves for their production of cotton and other farm necessities. The slaves were not seen as human and that point of view made it difficult for the south to give up their ‘property’.

    The North, however, saw the African American slaves as unnecessary but they also feared the rift between the North and the South would grow larger. The Abolitionist Movement had many supporters, while laws were being made against the escape or freedom of slaves, supporters were assisting in the escape of slaves. The Underground Railroad, a series of houses that helped escaped slaves make it North without being caught, assisted in the effort to decrease the slave population. The emancipation proclamation was the first act passed by the government to free slaves in specific states. The 13th amendment was the first amendment to officially make slaves free in every state.

    Another major change made in the history of America was The New Deal. This took place from 1933-1945, this was an effort to counter the economic struggles caused by the depression. The Great Depression occurred after the stock market crashed and the world ended in debt and unemployment. When President Roosevelt came into office his goals were to give relief to the struggling, recovery for the economy, and reformed prevent problems from reoccurring.

    The first act passed by Roosevelt was FERA (Federal Emergency Relief Act), this gave money, employment, food, shelter to the severely affected people; this act lasted for about 2 years (1933- 1935). The first agricultural adjustment act (AAA) was an effort to raise farmers’ income. This aimed at helping the farmers recover from the depression as well. Finally the social security act was passed in 1935 as a precautionary measure to avoid another serious depression. This act gave assistance to the disabled, unemployment insurance, and old age insurance. Before reforms were made, many people were homeless, hungry, and suffering.

    The president noticed the amount of struggling people in the U.S. and sympathized. There were protestors outside of the White House and a dramatic decrease in birth rate as well as college enrollment. These dramatic changes were noticeable and the fact that protests were made push Roosevelt to try and improve the lifestyle of Americans.

    The United States has always had some serious social and economic issues; the government and citizens have made efforts to reform problems. The New Deal improved but did not solve the economic crisis in the United States. It did help raise the morale and confidence in government. The abolitionist movement changed America completely. People who were once seen as property were free and fighting for the same rights as others. The new deal and abolitionist movement was a small victory in the history books, hopefully America will continue with more victories.

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    An Analysis of The New Deal and the Abolitionist Movements as Social and Economic Issues in the United States. (2022, Dec 13). Retrieved from

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