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    Gender Based Affirmative Action Essay

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    On her diverse team she can encourage collaboration on her team by improving communication. Making sure everyone is communicating effectively and clearly with each other. Communication is the foundation for everything. Having open communication will result in team members having trust in your leadership. On this team it is important that they compromise with each other’s ideas. For example, they can decrease the print ads for a certain period and add more color to the print ad for a certain amount of time. Each change can be done separately form the other ones in order to monitor the effectiveness. They can also get customer feedback Employees having trust in their leadership will be better prepared to work towards the company’s goals. Team members will feel more respected which will encourage them to contribute.

    Moving away from affirmative action to affirming diversity. Affirmative action is an action or policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination, especially in relation to employment or education; positive discrimination. This order was first put into place over 40years ago, times have changed. Affirming diversity means rejecting stereotypes and bigotry based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religion, ability or lifestyle. Now a day, more than half of the work force is minorities. We as a country need to move away from affirmative action and move towards managing diversity. We need to deal with the problem at hand which is prejudice and inequality. Our goal should be to develop a way to accept and empower diversity in people and their talents

    In my place of work, we are met with diversity on a daily basis. Gender equality is an issue we deal with at the company I work for. Usually when people think of nursing they think of women. But, things have come a long way with many males in the nursing field as well. Unfortunately, we still have some narrow minded people in the world who feel men are not able to do the job as well as a woman can. We run into this issue a lot when dealing with staffing different clients. It is easier to place a woman nurse than it is to place a man. But, this is up to the client’s parents while the company I work for cannot force the families to accept a male nurse. Parents are educated about the staff hired and who are all well trained for the job male and female.

    Another issue seen in my workplace is the generation gaps. In our company there’s more diversified age groups. They have nurses in their early 20s and nurses in their late 60s. There are clicks in the office and in the field. There are also issues when it comes to putting the older nurses to work in a client’s home. Some clients feel younger nurses can keep up with the younger clients better. Some clients feel the older nurses are more knowledgeable. Again the office staff have to explain to the client’s parents that all nurses are knowledgeable in order to employed with the company.

    Ethnic and cultural differences is another issue we face at my place of work. We have nurse from many different cultural backgrounds. Every culture is different when it comes to dealing with people. This has been one of the hardest things for me when it comes to work. I have had situations where when working with a nurse from Nigeria because of the way she spoke. We had about three months where we did not speak with each other, but I realized it’s just the way she speaks. This problem could be solved by the company I work for offering cultural differences classes.

    While diversity has the potential to enhance organizational performance, it also poses potential problems in the workplace. Three potential problems from workplace diversity one is acceptance and respect, two accommodations of beliefs and third ethnic and cultural differences. These three problems also have solutions for acceptance and respect organizations can invest in diversity training. Diversity training will help employers and employees respect, understand and accept each other’s differences. To solve problems with accommodation of beliefs during the hiring process employers can encourage employees to not discuss these things during work hours. To solve the of ethnic and cultural differences issues employers can invest in cultural sensitivity training and diversity awareness programs.

    There are several benefits to having diversity in the workplace. One benefit of cultural diversity in the workplace is it gives the organization different perspectives to present their ideas. Diversity brings several solutions to problems. When having more than one solution to choose from the better their chances are for the finding the final solution. Cultural diversity in the workplace can also boost morale. By giving your employees cultural diversity gives them the opportunity to work with people with different views and skills. By doing this, employees have a chance to see why each employee is important to the organization. Employees in return feel that they are valued, which also promotes positive attitudes in the workplace.

    An agency is a large group of very diverse people all working towards one common goal. The people in the agency all have Work relationships are built on respect between the individuals or, members and they should value each other’s contribution to the team. If you have an organization where the members do not get along together or have respect for each other, this poses a lot of problems. The organization loses time and money not having deadlines met or projects unfinished do to employees not getting along. It is better for the company to invest a little time and money in educating their employees in the beginning, rather than to have problems later on.

    Workforce diversity means similarities and differences among employees in terms of cultural background, age race, religion and gender. Workforce diversity increase employee morale and makes employees want to work more efficiently and effectively. Having workforce diversity in companies is a positive thing. No two workers are alike, you have employees with different skill sets and experiences. Workforce diversity creates innovations different ways to look at one problem. Which results in many solutions. By having different cultural backgrounds that opens up more doors for business, with different languages. An increase in employee morale, which makes the employees work harder.

    Some companies see workforce diversity programs as a “quick fix” events or one-day workshop have this wrong. Workforce diversity training for employees is an ongoing project in any business. Nothing has ever been solved with a one-day program. The first step should be to have your workforce resemble the community that you serve. Your workforce should be diverse.

    The entire management team should be involved in all steps in the workforce diversity project Management should be present for all training programs, workshops. By having all management present for all steps they are knowledgeable to answer any questions. Any changes must be implemented in top management before it is spread to other departments. Adapting an organizational structure to support the workforce diversity efforts. Appointing a Chief Diversity Officer is how this can be done. When there is a specific person appointed to the program, employees will likely take the efforts more seriously. Keeping in contact with employees and communicating why diversity is so important to the success of the company. Having ongoing meetings to discuss how important it is to the business incorporating newsletters, the company website and posting posters around the work place in areas employees frequently occupy.

    Creating a formal project plan to support the strategies for achieving a diverse workforce. The project plan needs to detail everything that is hoped to be accomplished. How can the project plan can be integrated with the company’s current operations? The company needs to realize that a project plan like this does not happen overnight. This a lengthy process to be able to reach, inform and educate everyone in the company.

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